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683169c... by Lucas Kanashiro

Add pcs and all its direct and indirect dependencies (LP: #1953341)

The added source packages are:

* dacite (MIR LP: #1989628)
* pcs
* python-tornado (MIR LP: #1990191)
* ruby-childprocess (MIR LP: #1991839)
* ruby-daemons (MIR LP: #1990581)
* ruby-ethon (MIR LP: #1990571)
* ruby-eventmachine (MIR LP: #1990580)
* ruby-ffi (MIR LP: #1990570)
* ruby-json (MIR LP: #1990572)
* ruby-mime-types (MIR LP: #1990569)
* ruby-mime-types-data (MIR LP: #1990568)
* ruby-mustermann (MIR LP: #1990574)
* ruby-rack (MIR LP: #1990575)
* ruby-ruby2-keywords (MIR LP: #1990573)
* ruby-sinatra (MIR LP: #1990579)
* ruby-tilt (MIR LP: #1990576)
* thin (MIR LP: #1990582)

199916f... by Lucas Kanashiro

Add ruby-sdbm

MIR LP: #1997594

49bd3f9... by Lucas Kanashiro

Add ruby-webrick

MIR LP #1975523

23b7a7d... by Lena Voytek

Add python-charset-normalizer

981a8ea... by Andreas Hasenack

Add glusterfs

MIR LP: 1950321

80e920c... by Christian Ehrhardt 

python-tempita is openstack

python-tempita is only subscribed from the time it was openstack.
There is no non-openstack dependency holding it in main.

In additon there was past (bionic) need for it as part of
maas-rack-controller and some python*maas* packages.
In neither release it is in main for the server team or actively
maintained by us.

Drop our subscription.

$ reverse-depends --release jammy src:python-tempita
* python3-migrate (for python3-tempita)
* python3-paste (for python3-tempita)

$ reverse-depends --release jammy python3-migrate
* python3-cinder
* python3-designate
* python3-glance
* python3-heat
* python3-keystone
* python3-nova
* python3-oslo.db
* python3-senlin
* python3-trove
* pytrainer

$ reverse-depends --release jammy python3-paste
* chaussette
* loggerhead
* python3-barbican
* python3-cinder
* python3-designate
* python3-freezer-api
* python3-glance
* python3-gnocchi
* python3-keystone
* python3-manila
* python3-murano
* python3-networking-sfc
* python3-neutron
* python3-nova
* python3-oslo.service
* python3-panko
* python3-pastedeploy
* python3-pastescript
* python3-repoze.who
* python3-trove
* python3-webtest
* thawab

Signed-off-by: Christian Ehrhardt <email address hidden>

bcfef01... by Christian Ehrhardt 

Add python-asgiref (LP: #1953173)

Signed-off-by: Christian Ehrhardt <email address hidden>

4f7cded... by Bryce Harrington

packages: Helper tool to convert yaml into a plain list

This python script is intended as an adapter for use in Bash scripts
where YAML parsing may be less easily done. It does a simple dump of
the packages for a given team.

Provisions for argument handling is included in case the
subscriptions.yaml file becomes more complex in the future.

ee3ae0d... by Andreas Hasenack

Add wireguard

MIR LP: #1950317

183f7b3... by Andreas Hasenack

Add libyang2

This is a dependency of frr, added in commit
LP: #1958293