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29. By Matthieu Baerts on 2012-04-17

* debian/cairo-dock-plug-ins.install
 - Removed 'appmenu-registrar' (Global Menu applet is no longer compiled)

28. By Matthieu Baerts on 2012-04-16

* New upstream release. (LP: #983289)
* Upstream ChangeLog:
 - Updated translations
 - Moved 'battery' theme from cairo-dock-core to cairo-dock-plug-ins
 - Included here a sound gauge theme for alsaMixer applet from our server in
    order to use the Default-Panel theme without an Internet connexion.
 - Shortcuts: properly initialize the disk structure, to avoid polling non
    writable disks
 - Clipper: fixed a warning when stopping the applet
 - Clock: fixed a small regression: text should be vertically centered
 - dnd2share: Fixed videobin backend and forced curl to follow redirection
 - Clock: numeric: Fixed a typo about the maximum ratio in vertical mode
 - Panel view: fixed the frame drawing (no bottom rounded corners)
 - Messaging-Menu:
  + Some items was not displayed with the latest version of indicator-messages
  + Fixed a few details about the lozenge and the drawing
  + Fixed a tiny memory leak
 - MusicPlayer: Fixed a typo about the detection of the MPRIS2 services for
    handlers with a valid mpris2 string
 - Shortcuts: used a default icon if vfs_backend_get_file_info returns none
    icon name (g_file_info_get_icon seems not able to find an icon for folders
    or drives on KDE)
 - GMenu: checked if alacarte or kmenuedit is available before adding the menu
    entry to launch it (alacarte seems no longer installed by default on new
    distributions with Gnome)
 - PowerManager: if we want to hide the icon, hide it even on desktop when we
    have no information)
 - ShowDesktop: if we can't show the widget layer or present the desktops
    (expo), we now display a warning and use the default action instead of
    doing nothing
 - Switcher: menu: limit windows' title to 50 chars to avoid too larger menus
 - Clipper: Menu entries are now translated
 - Mail: disable the RSS feed for Gmail, as it is not working any more with the
    current GMail authentification system; use IMAP instead
 - Status-Notifier: Removed an unused function
 - stdout: removed a lot of g_print functions (or replaced by cd_debug)
 - Clock: fixed the text drawing: avoid any stretching of the text
* This 3.0 series (and previous series) also fixes these bugs:
 - "Cairo-dock plugin musicPlayer loads ridiculous covers" (LP: #538569)
 - "Songbird support outdated in musicPlayer" (LP: #538361)
 - "Trash applet detects drag-and-dropped items twice" (LP: #530975)
 - "Lock screen does not work in GNOME 3" (LP: #943533)
 - "Sound volume don't work on the cairo-dock of my computer after a killall
     pulseaudio" (LP: #913101)
 - "Logout Applet needs guest session menu" (LP: #757193)
 - "Trash not emptied with folders from other partitions" (LP: #686564)
 - "Incorrect down/up speeds in Netspeed" (LP: #672452)
 - "the desklet 'meteo' gone freeze, and if i try to change localization crashes
     all cairo, that became black" (LP: #671261)
 - "Clipper action failed on other WM than kde gnome xfce" (LP: #664089)
 - "Crashed when trying to remove Doncky deskapplet" (LP: #656611)
 - "Issues with the rendering of the Switcher applet" (LP: #606304)
 - "Shortcuts plugin brings dock to the front if new usb drive is pluged in
     and dock stays infront of all windows after that" (LP: #569598)
 - "Dustbin applet does not display trash on all volumes" (LP: #483963)
* debian/control:
 - Bump Standards-Version
 - Updated the version of libgldi-dev (build-dep) and cairo-dock-core.
* debian/rules:
 - Removed -Denable-global-menu=yes
    (Global Menu applet is not considered as a stable and usable applet)

27. By Jamie Strandboge on 2012-03-26

update distribution name to precise

26. By Matthieu Baerts on 2012-03-26

* New upstream release. (LP: #961579)
* Upstream ChangeLog: (main changes)
 - Updated translations
 - MusicPlayer:
  + When choosing the player the first time, launch it and set the name
  + It seems the latest stable version of rhythmbox now re-uses this DBus
     address: org.mpris.MediaPlayer2.rhythmbox
 - Use the default bg color for always visible icons
 - GMenu: check if kde4-applications.menu and lxde-applications.menu
    are available
 - Dbus:
  + Bash interface: fixed a typo
  + Changed the third-party applets dir on the server for the 3.0
  + Enabling threads on the Python Interface
  + Modified the old SetEmblem method to use the new overlays
 - Enable GVFS if detected
 - Indicators: handle the case where the service crashes
 - Status-Notifier:
  + Indicator 0.4.90 (and newer) has a new variable (Title)
  + Display Label first if it's available instead of Title first
  + Fixed a bug with empty labels
  + KDE's watcher: if ItemIsMenu is true (e.g. Klipper) and if we only show
     the menu on left click, we emit a signal to the application to show
     its own menu
  + checked if the menu path is different that '/NO_DBUSMENU'
  + IAS: checked if an item is not already available in the systray
     (workaround) and fixed a few typos
  + Added a space between icons and fixed the wrong drawing of the icon
     on a vertical dock if the icon can be resized
  + Used cairo_dock_add_path_to_icon_theme
 - Sound control:
  + Fixed a small bug on reload (invisible icon)
  + Updated the Dbus names to match with Ubuntu 12.04
  + Backported the latest version of Ubuntu's indicator-sound into the
     Sound-Control applet
  + Make some items in the menu invisible if not available
  + Worked around a bug in libindicator, which keeps internally
     the service pointer
 - Logout:
  + Fixed a tiny memory leak
  + Look for a different icon's size if we want to display this icon in
     a menu/a dock/an emblem
 - PowerManager:
  + Removed an extraseparators in the menu
 - Clock:
  + Used the logical rectangle in order to fix the position of the text
  + Removed unused files
  + Removed useless translations (log.x and log.y = 0)
  + Only used this ratio to limit the deformation with the height
  + Fixed a problem with the ratio if this applet is displayed in
     a vertical dock
 - Remote Control: fixed a crash during the 'click' signal
 - Slider:
  + When reloading, display the changes immediately
  + Added the possibility to refresh the images list from the menu
  + Fixed the loading of the image on startup, when the applet's size is
     not yet stable
  + Code cleaning
 - Fixed an error when compiling without libindicator
 - A few minor changes (comments, factorisation, etc)
 - Recent-Events: if zeitgeist is not yet running on first search,
    try 3 times before giving up.
* debian/control:
 - Updated the version of cairo-dock-[core;data;dev].

25. By Matthieu Baerts on 2012-02-16

* New upstream release. (LP: #932042)
* Upstream (short) ChangeLog:
 - The Log out applet has been rewritten, now allows one to switch users.
 - Many shortkeys have been added in different applets
 - The Sound Menu from Ubuntu has been integrated into the
    Sound-Control applet.
 - The Sound Menu from Ubuntu has been integrated into the
    Sound-Control applet.
 - Cairo-Dock now uses GTK3, for a better integration in a Gnome desktop
 - Few additions to the DBus API.
 - (...)
* debian/patches:
 - Removed all previous patches (now in upstream)
* debian/rules and debian/control:
 - Added multiarch support
* debian/control:
 - Updated build-depends list (needed for MultiArch support and GTK3)
 - libgtkglext1-dev is no longer needed
    (replaced by libgl, libglu and libpango)
 - Removed old Gnome dependences: libgnomevfs2-dev, libgnomeui-dev
    and libgnome-keyring-dev
 - libfftw3-dev is no longer needed
 - Increased the version of Cairo-Dock packages
 - Separated DBus interfaces from cairo-dock-plug-ins package into
    cairo-dock-plug-ins-dbus-interface-* packages in order to add right
 - cairo-dock-plug-ins: cairo-dock-plug-ins-dbus-interface-python
    has been added.
* debian/rules:
 - Added -Denable-global-menu=yes (supported in Ubuntu)
* debian/cairo-dock-plug-ins.install
   and debian/cairo-dock-plug-ins-integration.install: MultiArch is
   now supported
* debian/cairo-dock-plug-ins.install,
   debian/cairo-dock-plug-ins-dbus-interface-python.install and
    DBus interfaces from cairo-dock-plug-ins have been separated into
    cairo-dock-plug-ins-dbus-interface-* pacakges
* Updated debian/watch
* debian/compat
 - Debhelper 8 is now used

24. By Ken VanDine on 2012-01-25

no change rebuild for libindicator7

23. By Matthieu Baerts on 2011-11-05

* New upstream bug fix release. (LP: #886676)
* Upstream ChangeLog:
 - Desklet-rendering - viewport: fixed a crash when the desklet is empty
 - Status-Notifier: patch to work around strange bugs
    in the Ubuntu's indicator-application
 - Switcher: fixed a crash in expanded+desklet mode, a wrong loading
    of the icons and a small drawing bug with the non-compact view.
 - GMenu: look for *-applications.menu file in the xdg path
    (if common file names are not found, e.g. with KDE env in Oneiric)
* debian/patches/01-switcher-force-compact-view.patch:
 - Deleted (now in upstream)
* debian/patches/01-removed-useless-g_print.patch:
 - Removed useless output messages

22. By Matthieu Baerts on 2011-10-09

[ Matthieu Baerts (matttbe) ]
* New upstream bug fix release. (LP: #859984)
* Upstream (short) ChangeLog (2.4.0~0beta2 -> 2.4.0~1):
 - Powermanager: correctly release the reference on the device object
 - logout: now works if there is no session-manager
 - Status-Notifier: fixed a small bug
    (wrong callback in cairo_dock_stop_watching_dbus_name_owner)
 - Folders: fixed the positionning of the new icon
    and the dialog when dropping a folder inside the dock
    and fixed the icon-rendering
 - Dustbin: use the default theme if no icon is found
 - Impulse: the default context seems to be ok and not an error
 - Status-Notifier: On Ubuntu Oneiric (with indicator-0.4)
    the ApplicationAdded signal has changed and has a new parameter
 - Disable MeMenu on Oneiric (no longer available with indicator-0.4)
 - CMakeLists.txt: Improved output messages
 - Slide view: fixed a small offset in vertical view
 - musicPlayer:
  + split MPRIS 1.0 and 2.0 to help debugging and finding the right
     name of the bug.
  + 'rhythmbox-client' tool is no longer available: used MPRIS
  + Disable Amazon service (it no longer work)
  + Cover: fixed corrupted icons: some players (e.g. the latest version
     of RB) copy covers on their cache forlder but it takes a few time.
  + Fixed the update the icon and its name if the player is stopped.
  + Prevent a crash if the name given by MPRIS is NULL
 - Powermanager: try to prevent to have a few dialogues at the same time
 - PowerManager and AlsaMixer: hidden gnome2 or 3 apps if not available
 - Messaging-Menu: Updated for Natty and Oneiric
    (dbus-menu gives us GVariant instead of GValue objects)
 - Alsamixer: fixed a small bug on reload
 - Dbus: Bash interface: Fixed a typo with emblem positions
 - Sys-monitor: fixed a bug which prevented from getting
    the CPU temperature in some cases
 - Compiz (0.9): type filter: replaced type=utility by type=Utility
 - Updated the version of all applets that have gauges
   in order to use the right directory
 - Wifi: Fixed the status if we are not connected
 - Dbus: removed a conflict with the Help applet
 - Messaging-Menu: updated applet-menu.c => Memory leaks on pixbufs
 - Dbus: Fixed a crash when changing dock theme if a 'third-party' applet
    is running
 - Netspeed: in /proc/net/dev, there are 8 values to drop after the card id
    except if there is whitespaces just after this ':' character
    and fixed order and value for ON_ICON display
 - dock-rendering/toto: removed a useless file
 - Clipper: fixed the loading of the remembered items
    (they had the wrong type) and fixed a bug if we reduce the list of items
 - Folders, dustbin, Network-Monitor: tried to not use cast if it's possible
 - Code cleaned and re-organised a few functions
   (e.g. emblem references has been renamed)
 - Removed useless files: powermanager-dbus*
 - Updating translations
 - Fixed a few warnings at the compilation
 - Removed a few useless output messages
 - Fixed these LP bugs:
  + Empty trash from the trashcan does not delete files
     from usb harddisks: LP: #658681
  + Switcher applet doesn't respect desktop numbers LP: #626782
* Upstream (short) ChangeLog (2.4.0~1 -> 2.4.0~2):
 - Messaging-Menu: fixed a wrong g_object_unref (double free)
    and a small memory leak
 - Folders: fixed a tiny warning at the compilation (32bits)
 - switcher: removed an unnecessary config parameter
 - Folders: file size: used English instead of French translation.
 - Indicator applet: Forced a cast to remove an annoying warning
    due to clumsy dbusmenu_gtkmenu_new() declaration
 - Fixed the detection of the screensaver
 - Fixed tiny warnings at the compilation (with CAIRO_CONTAINER)
* debian/control:
 - Updated the version of cairo-dock-[core;data;dev].
 - Added gvfs as 'Suggests' for cairo-dock-plug-ins-integration
    (Used for managing files)
 - Removed 'libthunar-vfs-1-dev' (libthunar-vfs is no longer installed
    by default since XFCE 4.8 and it is replaced by gvfs)
 - Removed 'indicator-me' (no longer available
    and the installation of Cairo-Dock produces an error)
 - Moved 'indicator-messages' to 'Recommends'
* debian/rules:
 - Updated the name of CMake extras flags
* debian/cairo-dock-plug-ins-data.lintian-overrides:
 - Deleted (now useless)
* debian/cairo-dock-plug-ins.lintian-overrides:
 - Cairo-Dock Plug-Ins are not linked to gldi
 - shlib-without-versioned-soname: forwarded to upstream.
* debian/cairo-dock-plug-ins-integration.lintian-overrides:
 - Cairo-Dock Plug-Ins are not linked to gldi
 - ldconfig and shlibs are not needed
* debian/cairo-dock-plug-ins.install:
 - Fixed lintian errors: package-installs-python-bytecode
* debian/control: Fixed lintian warnings:
 - python-script-but-no-python-dep
 - description-synopsis-starts-with-article
* debian/changelog:
 - Fixed lintian warning: old-fsf-address-in-copyright-file
* debian/patches/01-switcher-force-compact-view.patch:
 - Forced the compact view because the other doesn't work

[ Iain Lane ]
* Fix Mono/CLI build to be ~policy compliant and use correct compiler

21. By Kees Cook on 2011-08-11

releasing version 2.4.0~0beta2-0ubuntu1

20. By Matthieu Baerts on 2011-07-05

* New upstream release. (LP: #799774)
* Upstream ChangeLog:
 - Status Notifier: enable translations (fixed a typo)
 - Weather: prevent a crash if there is an error (LP: #788437)
 - dnd2share: avoid a crash of u1sdtool
* debian/patches:
 - Removed all patches (now in upstream)
* debian/control:
 - Updated version

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