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83d0b42... by Blake Rouse on 2017-08-18

Add unit tests.

369025e... by Blake Rouse on 2017-08-17

After BIND reload verify that the zone serial is updated on all zones before marking the reload as complete.

2dab599... by Andres Rodriguez on 2017-08-17

Prepare dev environment for artful.

Add required-packages/artful. Don't hardcode python3.5, as artful defaults to python3.6.

45cd815... by Mike Pontillo on 2017-08-17

Use beaconing hints during update_interfaces()

 * When determining initial VLAN placement for a new rack controller
   interface, consult the topology hints provided by beaconing.
 * Result: Interfaces that beaconing determines to be on an existing
   VLAN will not cause MAAS to create a new VLAN or fabric.

e3c06ca... by Newell Jensen on 2017-08-16

Drive by fix for badblocks unit test as it was incorrectly named.

79247ae... by Lee Trager on 2017-08-16

LP: #1710681 - Allow architecture to be deselected in the UI.

The UI was preventing architectures from being deselected because removing the architecture meant removing the commissioning series for that architecture. The user is now allowed to deselect an architecture as long as another architecture is selected.

fb8d5ed... by Andres Rodriguez on 2017-08-16

debian/control: Bump curtin version dep for CentOS networking.

9f951e2... by Данило Шеган on 2017-08-16

Introduce Switch model referencing a Node and supporting setting nos_driver (as string) and nos_parameters (as JSON structure).

cc372f1... by Lee Trager on 2017-08-16

Update Script form to accept new fields and process embedded YAML.

The Script form can now accept and validate the hardware_type, parallel, and
packages fields. An embedded YAML configuration file may be embedded into the
script. The embedded YAML may set all script form fields in addition to the
results and paramater fields which may only be set in the YAML.

0b4ada3... by Mike Pontillo on 2017-08-16

Send topology hints to update_interfaces()

 * Add code to convert topology hints to a compact JSON format.
 * Start beaconing as soon as interfaces are known; don't
   wait for interface monitoring settings. This means
   beaconing will happen on all interfaces, all the time.
   (Without regard for network discovery settings.)
 * Fix bug that caused update_interfaces() to be called
   with create_fabrics=True when it should have been False.
 * Wait for beaconing to complete before updating interfaces.
 * Drive-by fix for incorrect line in .gitignore which
   erroneously covered django16_south_maas19.tar.gz.