Code review comment for lp:~barry/bzr/claws

Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :

> I'm just sayin' _get_compose_commandline should stay true to its roots,
> and just turn its input into a commandline. This also makes testing the
> "from" formatting simpler.
> > I know the code in the branch works for Claws though. What do you think of
> Aaron's suggestions?
> Anyhow, "bzr selftest Claws" fails, so this branch Needs Fixing.

I think I've addressed both of these issues. See the latest incremental diff

This plumbs the from_ argument through more of the interfaces, adds
--mail-from switches to the command line, and adds docstring markup for those
that were missing. As far as I can tell, selftest passes (not just for

It also adds some tests for the from_ argument.

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