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Roger Peppe (rogpeppe) wrote :

LGTM with a couple of thoughts below.
File provider/maas/environ.go (right):
It seems a pity that we can't just call SetAptUpdate on the
cloudinit config, but that would require a change to ComposeUserData
(might it make sense to pass in a possibly-nil cloudinit.Config to that

Aside: CommandString should also escape backquotes, although it won't be
a problem here
File provider/maas/environ_test.go (right):
provider/maas/environ_test.go:208: const aptGetPrefix = "env
DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get
--option=Dpkg::options::=--force-unsafe-io --assume-yes --quiet"
or aptGetPrefix := utils.AptGetCommand()

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