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Sergio Durigan Junior (sergiodj) wrote :

Thanks for the updates, Athos.

A couple of comments:

- In the MP description, it's easier if you include the direct link to the PPA :-). Also, I like to mention whether the package has dep8 tests or not, and if it does, I also paste the summary of a test run. In tmux's case, given that it doesn't have dep8 tests, I'd just mention something like "I built and manually tested the package to confirm that the bug has been fixed". No need to update the current description, though; this is an advice for your next MPs.

- In the SRU template, please move the "Original Description" section to the end of it. We want to make sure the the important sections (Impact, Test Case and Where problems could occur) are at the top. Otherwise, I liked the template you wrote, good job! Just a small comment: it seems you wrote the template in another editor and copied it into Launchpad. I think this messed up the line breaks, which makes the template format seem strange.

- Since you've discovered the upstream issue related to this bug, then you should also add a "Bug:" header to the patch and link the GitHub issue. Also, the "Author:" header should be written in the "Name <email>" format (see the inline comment I left).

Let me know once you've addressed the comments above, and I can upload the package. Thanks again!

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