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624c573... by Manuel Moos

Merge from lp:~armagetronad-sty-0.3/armagetronad/armagetronad-v2sty

ffc7451... by Manuel Moos

Merge from trunk.

f4aa1aa... by Manuel Moos

Manual merge: Fix for bug #180489: Do not check null->IsSilenced(). Also, check whether the SENDER of a vote is silenced, not the receiver.

ffd8a5d... by Manuel Moos

Fixed warnings about fallthrough in switch statements (one of them,
fixed eariler, was a real problem) and misleading indentation.

d0c3976... by Manuel Moos

isblank() is in a standard c++ header, so we can now rely on it.

5ebf907... by Manuel Moos

Added forgotten break statement.

0282324... by Manuel Moos

tString -> std::string in variant get usage. Since the variant does
not contain tString as an option, but std::string, the get operation
would always fail. Never versions of boost have a compile time
assertion for that case, so the build broke.

fd741a5... by Manuel Moos

Malloc replacement stopped working, disabling it for debug builds.

2e61f84... by Armanelgtron

Oops (fixing build error)

b71be37... by Armanelgtron

Making AUTO_COMPLETE_WITH_COLORS save to the user config file