Last commit made on 2021-07-19
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b22e491... by Armanelgtron

Re-implement only allowing each player to use target zones once, with a command (TARGET_PLAYER_MULTIUSE) to control the behavior.

d9e9e55... by Armanelgtron

some small soccerball tweaks

40e92d3... by Armanelgtron

Give helpful information from ADD_SCORE_TEAM when invalid team is specified.

c5969f7... by Armanelgtron

add missing spaces in some reasons in CYCLE_DESTROYED event

edf92a2... by Armanelgtron

Crashfix for hitting soccer zones from spectator mode

b14e650... by Armanelgtron

add game time to player gridpos and make PLAYER_GRIDPOS_ON_TURN only write the one player

7d78a0c... by Armanelgtron

crashfix: use se_GameTime() instead of se_mainGameTimer->Time()

it does all the checks for us already

2266f88... by Armanelgtron

Convenient command to disable AI thinking at runtime

8ad68ca... by Armanelgtron

get rid of wall impact information on ball cycle impact

07514a0... by Armanelgtron

Fix zone cycle wall collisions, use sensors for determining next collision
also rename BALLS_BOUNCE_ON_CYCLE_WALLS -> ZONES_BOUNCE_ON_CYCLE_WALLS and some other BALL_ commands aliased to ZONE_ for now