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a0ea20c... by Manuel Moos

Remove auto_ptr and adapt sensors to non-exception based API

dc39ef1... by Manuel Moos

Merge from 0.4/master

e9eee40... by Manuel-moosnet

Avoid flickering of lowered rim walls

Merge branch 'lowered_walls_flicker' into 'master'


See merge request armagetronad/armagetronad!8

ed093af... by Manuel Moos

Avoid spurious display list deletions for lowered walls

e22f8ef... by Manuel Moos

Avoid lowered rim wall flicker


The issue was not an update order issue, but a threshold problem.
The camera code would only lower the walls down to height h
if they were higher than 2*h.

fd96725... by Manuel Moos

Merge from 0.2.8

c37d65d... by Manuel Moos

Make binreloc work again

Apparenly, a recent-ish change in Linux binary loading now has
constant strings in a segment that is marked differently in
/proc/self/map, a post-memory-relocation readonly area, I gather.
It is marked with r--p. Adapt binreloc to also accept such

Related to,
should reduce the number of cases the workaround needs to kick in.

90036a8... by Manuel Moos

Revert to compiled in prefix if binreloc fails.


88ba0e3... by Manuel Moos

Add version generation from git

c47c28a... by Manuel Moos

Our version of mingw used to compile the Windows version does not even know how to ignore [[fallthrough]]. Remove them again.