Code review comment for lp:~andreas-pokorny/mir/add-option-to-disable-acceleration

Andreas Pokorny (andreas-pokorny) wrote :

> (1) Naming needs clarification per above.
> Manual testing results:
> (2) Surprisingly --mouse-acceleration=none does not fix bug 1528109 but
> --mouse-acceleration=constant does. Have we misinterpreted the "none" mode?
> Should it be removed in favour of constant mode with no bias?

ok will investigate that..

> (3) The --mouse-acceleration option is missing from some servers
> (mir_proving_server) so still not helpful to me. I guess it or something like
> it needs to be promoted up into libmirserver default config at some point.

Yeah we should do that. Hmm it would be nicer if we could make the configuration device specific.. The current unique ids are not good enough for that.. thats another story that needs fixing..

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