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d14167e... by Alex Murray

umt qrt: Push files to home on backend by default if none specified

This ensures that QRT tests which run as root get placed in /root on the
target VM etc and then can be run successfully.

523b394... by Alex Murray

umt qrt: Don't use apt-key when setting up repo for lxd backend

This is deprecated - instead add the public GPG key which signed the
package into /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/ on the test VM

ff24223... by Alex Murray

umt qrt: When using apt-key for lxd backend ensure gnupg is installed

Otherwise apt-key fails (if apt-key needs gnupg/gnupg1/gnupg2 why does this
not get installed as a Depends?)

0a755ab... by Alex Murray

umt qrt: Add support for using lxd as a backend

This is enabled by passing the --backend lxd flag when running umt qrt. In
this case, a LXD instance (could be VM or container) will be used with the
name sec-{release}-{arch} and this should already exist, like we do
currently with uvt VMs. In the future it is planned to add support for
creating a VM if it does not already exist but for now this makes the LXD
backend on par with the existing UVT backend. This commit also makes adding
any future backends (juju?) much easier as this abstracts out the logic for
communicating with a given backend.

Signed-off-by: Alex Murray <email address hidden>

29b4799... by Alex Murray

build-tools/buildlog-compare: Port to python3

d6984b2... by Marc Deslauriers

the umt help blurb is approximately in the order the different
commands are used, so move adt to the end

48c89ac... by Alex Murray

umt: Only output hyperlinks when we are sure they are supported

As per https://gist.github.com/egmontkob/eb114294efbcd5adb1944c9f3cb5feda
it looks like VTE versions >= 0.50.0 support this so check for that and
only output in that case.

da72eae... by Alex Murray

umt adt: Automatically guess adt location based on upload destination

Also add --url parameter to allow the URL to the excuses yaml to be
manually specified.

67ca5a6... by Alex Murray

umt: Refactor terminal hyperlinkification into it's own function

4277a72... by Alex Murray

umt adt: Print regular excuses output with hyperlinks and color

As such we now see in the terminal something like the following where the
'Pass' and '[artifacts]' elements are linkified back to the results URLs
etc and the recycling symbol is also linkified to the resubmit URL to
retrigger the autopkgtest etc.

$ umt adt
Removing '../adt' ...
Getting security_focal_excuses.yaml file ...
Migration status for libsndfile (1.0.28-7 to 1.0.28-7ubuntu0.1): BLOCKED: Rejected/violates migration policy/introduces a regression
Issues preventing migration:
autopkgtest for gsequencer/3.1.3-1: amd64: Pass [artifacts], arm64: Test in progress, armhf: Pass [artifacts], ppc64el: Test in progress, s390x: Pass [artifacts]
autopkgtest for libopenmpt/0.4.11-1build1: amd64: Pass [artifacts], arm64: Pass [artifacts], armhf: Pass [artifacts], i386: Regression ♻ [artifacts], ppc64el: Pass [artifacts], s390x: Pass [artifacts]
Additional info:
0 days old

saving ../adt/adt_results.txt ...
TOTAL Packages triggered: 15