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4f2892e... by Alex Murray

check-source-package: Use both full and per release rmadison output

Only call rmadison once where possible and store this as $rmadout and then
also store a new variable $rmadoutrel which is $rmadout scoped to just the
current release - this then allows us to use $rmadout for the upgradeable
version check whilst using $rmadoutrel in other checks as before.

a8434c3... by Alex Murray

Revert "check-source-package: Speed up upgradeable version check"

This reverts commit 547da08e7a582382311071a1174bcfb14d7ddf2c.

Turns out we can't use rmadout since this is only the rmadison output for
the current release/series - it has already been filtered down to strip out
the other releases so it is not useful in this situation.

54207fa... by Alex Murray

check-source-package: Specify -t (--batch) when showing debdiff errors

Otherwise patch likes to prompt the user with questions like:

Unreversed patch detected! Ignore -R? [n]
Apply anyway? [n]

Whereas by specifying batch these get turned into:

Unreversed patch detected! Ignoring -R.

Since this is a --dry-run invocation of patch this makes more sense.

547da08... by Alex Murray

check-source-package: Speed up upgradeable version check

check-source-package already has rmadison output for the package in the
$rmadout variable so use this when doing the upgradeable version check
rather than querying it afresh which can take a while as is not needed.

1a73a67... by Alex Murray

umt qrt: When creating a LXD VM expand its disk

Seems cloud-init doesn't always do this for Ubuntu images (or perhaps devel

ec18086... by Alex Murray

umt: When running apt upgrade for qrt do it non-interactively

Since we don't provide any way for the user of umt qrt to interact with the
VM ensure apt won't try and prompt for debconf input etc

9134897... by Alex Murray

umt: Handle latest cve_lib API change and remove old unused PPA cruft

4f8a9f5... by Steve Beattie

README: debian bullseye was released

Signed-off-by: Steve Beattie <email address hidden>

5e61522... by Steve Beattie

security-fake-sync: jammy opens for development

Signed-off-by: Steve Beattie <email address hidden>

9ec67b7... by Alex Murray

Merge branch 'customer-ppa-tracking-2'