Code review comment for lp:~alecu/ubuntuone-client/proxy-tunnel-server

Alejandro J. Cura (alecu) wrote :

> * Can't we re-use teh code from ubuntu-sso-client instead of defnining:
> +def build_proxy(settings):
> ?

The bits of code that build the QNetworkProxy instance and configure the proxy settings in ussoc are currently in flux, because mandel is changing it to use a QNetworkProxyFactory and to query the proxy settings on each request. As soon as mandel's branch for ussoc lands we should be able to create a different branch to make u1-client use those bits from syncdaemon, so I think it makes sense to keep this branch as is, and refactor later.

> * Most of our projects and source file use this syntax for file encoding:
> # -*- coding: utf8 -*-
> would you consider using that form?

Sure, fixing that.

> * There should be spaces around the % in "HTTP/1.0 %d %s"%(code, description)

Fixing that too.

thanks for the review!

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