Code review comment for lp:~albertomilone/gnome-control-center/randr-virtual

Mark Shuttleworth (sabdfl) wrote :

Alberto Milone wrote:
> Alberto Milone has proposed merging lp:~albertomilone/gnome-control-center/randr-virtual into lp:~ubuntu-core-dev/gnome-control-center/ubuntu.
> Requested reviews:
> VCS imports (vcs-imports)
> With xserver 1.6, the ctrl-alt-backspace shortcut for killing X has been defaulted to off.
> At UDS it was decided for Ubuntu to accept this upstream change, but to provide GUI mechanisms for GNOME allowing the user to switch it on or off.
> This branch implements this mechanism.
I very much appreciate Alberto's work in implementing this, but would
like to test the decision against our commitment to ease of use. I think
enabling or disabling this feature in X is an expert option. I think we
can choose to enable it, or disable it, and of course we can allow
experts to change that through a config file or through a rebuild, but
this capability *should not* be exposed to end-users as a GUI option. It
will create more confusion than it will solve.


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