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Daniel d'Andrada (dandrader) wrote :

We should be able to merge it now that the fix for bug 1663197 has been released. Unfortunately this branch now conflicts with latest trunk.

$ bzr merge lp:~albaguirre/qtubuntu/more-new-mir-apis
Not attempting to fix packaging branch ancestry, missing pristine tar data for version 0.63+17.04.20170119.2.
 M src/ubuntumirclient/qmirclientcursor.cpp
 M src/ubuntumirclient/qmirclientdebugextension.cpp
 M src/ubuntumirclient/qmirclientdebugextension.h
 M src/ubuntumirclient/qmirclientintegration.cpp
 M src/ubuntumirclient/qmirclientwindow.cpp
Text conflict in src/ubuntumirclient/qmirclientcursor.cpp
Text conflict in src/ubuntumirclient/qmirclientdebugextension.cpp
Text conflict in src/ubuntumirclient/qmirclientdebugextension.h
Text conflict in src/ubuntumirclient/qmirclientwindow.cpp
4 conflicts encountered.

review: Needs Fixing

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