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Stefan Rijnhart (Opener) (stefan-opener) wrote :

Stéphane, can you approve this MP? As I have indicated, the lack of a valid bank account should be solved on a higher level so that only leaves the usability issue of the validation button that closes the screen. The idea should indeed be that the user downloads the file, keeps the wizard screen open while uploading the file to the online banking environment and clicks 'Validate' in the wizard screen when the bank accepts the file. This pushes on the payment order workflow.

We have the same usability issue with the legacy Dutch payment export module. As long as the banking addons do not provide a boiler plate export wizard this does need to be solved in each export module. So maybe Alexis could provide a label text that explains this procedure. I would not personally consider it blocking but again Stéphane let us hear your view.

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