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Stefan Rijnhart (Opener) (stefan-opener) wrote :

Hi Alexis,

your proposal has been eagerly awaited! Thank you for your work. We are currently testing this version, and it looks pretty good so far.

We have not got the validation back from the bank, but you may be aware that the specs leave room enough for their own dialect of the standard. I am afraid we will hit the requirement to allow for such dialects sooner or later. Have you considered a more flexible approach so that some dialect module can define their own processing for specific nodes only?

Code looks pretty good on the whole. One question:

At line 3101 there starts a pretty weird translation string, containing the good part of a python code file. The translation string that triggered that is commented out, so that may be the problem. The fact that the iban check is disabled looks dubious in itself. Is that something that can be resolved?

review: Needs Information

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