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edad166... by Andreas Karis

RHEL/CentOS: Fix default routes for IPv4/IPv6 configuration

Since f38fa41317602908139aa96e930b634f65e39555 , default routes
get added to both ifcfg-* and route-* and route6-* files.
Default routes should only go to ifcfg-* files, otherwise the
information is redundant.

LP: #1696176

dc0e70d... by Stephan Telling

fix typos and remove whitespace in various docs

27c079b... by Chen-Han Hsiao (Stanley)

systemd: Fix typo in comment in cloud-init.target.

Simply fix a typo in a comment. No functional change.

a62a94b... by Chad Smith

Tests: Skip jsonschema related unit tests when dependency is absent.

On some build environments we don't have python-jsonschema installed.
Since this dependency is an optional runtime dependency, we can also make
it an optional unit test dependency. Add a skip of related unittests when
jsonschema is not present.

Also, KeyError messages on CentOs don't have single quotes around the
missing 'key-name'. Make our KeyError assertion a bit more flexible with
the assertIn call.

LP: #1695318

1cd4323... by Scott Moser

azure: remove accidental duplicate line in merge.

In previous commit I inadvertantly left two calls to
   asset_tag = util.read_dmi_data('chassis-asset-tag')
The second did not do anything useful. Thus, remove it.

5fb49ba... by Chad Smith

azure: identify platform by well known value in chassis asset tag.

Azure sets a known chassis asset tag to 7783-7084-3265-9085-8269-3286-77.
We can inspect this in both ds-identify and DataSource.get_data to
determine whether we are on Azure.

Added unit tests to cover these changes
and some minor tweaks to Exception error message content to give more
context on malformed or missing ovf-env.xml files.

LP: #1693939

79236a6... by Scott Moser

tools/net-convert.py: support old cloudinit versions by using kwargs.

Older cloud-init versions have a bug in the signature of the
render_network_state method for netplan (bug 1685944).
The old had:
  render_network_state(target, network_state)
The fix was to change netplan's so it had the correct signature:
  render_network_state(network_state, target)

This just changes our caller to use kwargs style when invoking that
method so that it works with either the broken form or correct form.

0a448dd... by Chad Smith

ntp: Add schema definition and passive schema validation.

cloud-config files are very flexible and permissive.
This adds a jsonsschema definition to the cc_ntp module and validation
functions in cloudinit/config/schema which will log warnings about
invalid configuration values in the ntp section.

A cmdline tools/cloudconfig-schema is added which can be used in our dev
environments to quickly attempt to exercise the ntp schema.
It is also exposed as a main in cloudinit.config.schema.
(python3 -m cloudinit.config.schema)

LP: #1692916

00b678c... by Ryan Harper

Fix eni rendering for bridge params that require repeated key for values.

There are a few bridge parameters which require repeating the key with each
value in the list when rendering eni. Extend the network unittests to cover
all of the known bridge parameters and check we render eni and netplan

003c667... by Ryan Harper

net: remove systemd link file writing from eni renderer

During the network v2 merge, we inadvertently re-enabled rendering systemd
.link files. This files are not required as cloud-init already has to do
interface renaming due to issues with udevd which may refuse to rename
certain interfaces (such as veth devices in a LXD container). As such,
removing the code altogether.