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Andreas Hasenack (ahasenack) wrote :

It looks like it is somewhat expected that it always includes only the last include statement, and this is not a change introduced with this fix.

I found this old bug:

Where comment 7 ( says:
It is really that printing includes from testparm is deceiving
since it will for one section (share ir global) only ever print
the last include file encountered in that section.

I was under the impression that the fix for that bug, which got merged, would completely remove the include lines from the output of samba-tool testparm, but as you found out, the last include directive is included.

So what happens is that:
- the content of all include files is read and included in the output
- the last include statement is also included, as is, as well as its content. This sounds like a bug, and one that was there before.

The same happens with 4.8.2, a much newer version (latest one at this time is 4.8.3).

This is unrelated to the presence of %macros in the include statement as far as I can see, therefore I believe it's ok to tag and upload.

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