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b150e05... by Andreas Hasenack


c52d1d8... by Andreas Hasenack

    - d/motd-news-config.postinst: always remove /e/d/motd-news.wasremoved
      if present

5d4519c... by Andreas Hasenack

    - d/postinst.in: only consider creating the .wasremoved file in upgrades,
      never fresh installs like in debootstrap for example

4849a64... by Andreas Hasenack

    - d/postinst.in: re-arrange the cascading conditionals around the
      creation of the .wasremoved file for better clarity

dcfb8b4... by Andreas Hasenack

  * Fix handling of /e/d/motd-news.wasremoved (LP: #1895302):
    - d/postinst.in: check if ubuntu-server is installed before creating
      the .wasremoved file

08744d9... by Andreas Hasenack

  * d/control: set priority to optional for motd-news-config to avoid
    having it pulled in by the release upgrader

b53a1c7... by Andreas Hasenack


e5b4ef8... by Steve Langasek

  [ Steve Langasek ]
  * motd/50-motd-news: use wget instead of curl, since wget is standard but
    curl is optional (LP: #1888572):
    - This changes the timeout behavior slightly because wget does not have
      an exact equivalent to curl's --max-time argument, we are using
      --timeout instead.

9424ebd... by Andreas Hasenack

    - d/rules, d/motd-news-config.install: /e/d/motd-news is in the
      motd-news-config package now

a868bf9... by Andreas Hasenack

    - d/control: new motd-news-config package, carrying the
      configuration file for the /etc/update-motd.d/50-motd-news script.