Code review comment for lp:~abentley/bzr/last-revision

John A Meinel (jameinel) wrote :

I use Branch.last_revision() all the time, but I don't feel that maps well into "Tree.last_revision()".

I would really prefer it to use a different name, since it doesn't return the 'same' results. For Tree/WorkingTree it seems to be returning the revision of the left-hand parent, while for Branch it is giving the *current* revision.

Can you define what/where you are using it? (I overlooked this patch originally because I was thinking about Branch.last_revision().)

The code change is fine, I'm just trying to understand the utility of "give me one of, but not all of the parents". Especially considering what answer do we want to give if the left-hand parent is a ghost, etc.

review: Needs Information

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