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60. * New upstream version: - The GDM c...

Author: Sebastien Bacher
Revision Date: 2007-04-09 12:43:24 UTC

* New upstream version:
  - The GDM configuration option daemon/PidFile is now deprecated and
    GDM now always uses /var/run/ The location can be configured
    at compile time with the configure --with-pid-file option. This
    fixes bug #162849.
  - Now GDM supports Xephyr as the Nested Xserver command. GDM will use
    Xephyr by default if it is on the system, and fallback to Xnest. Xephyr
    works much better than Xnest.
  - GDM application desktop files now use the correct categories, so the
    menu choices should appear in the correct place in the menu.
  - Remove the userlist from the circles and happygnome themes since this
    was causing problems for some users. This change will go into 2.20
    where we are fixing the problem better by fixing gdmsetup to support
    setting the configuration so that gdmlogin and gdmgreeter work the
    same way with the Browser key.
  - Now gdmgreeter has an ATK label for the entry field.
  - Fix check so language combo style works. Fixes bug #423063.
  - Now "Configure GDM" menu choice is not available when accessibility is
    turned on since running gdmsetup in this configuration causes GDM to
    hang. Until the hanging bug is fixed, it's better to not allow the
    user to get into this situation.
  - Now support XnestUnscaledFontPath configuration option, which allows GDM
    to work with Xnest. Xorg 7.2 XGetFontPath function now returns fontpath
    with the ":unscaled" prefix, which Xsun Xnest cannot handle. Setting
    XnestUnscaledFontPath=false, will strip the ":unscaled" prefix from the
    fontpath so that it can work.
  - GDM daemon no longer links with D-Bus if ConsoleKit is not enabled.
  - Translation updates
* debian/patches/01_xconfigoptions.patch,
  - updated
* debian/patches/06_no_conffile_diff_due_to_comment_change.patch:
  - don't change comments to gdm.conf-custom to not get a conffile change
    on upgrade (Ubuntu: #92302)

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