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bzr branch lp:sbcl

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Series: trunk
1 Development 2015-07-01 00:08:21 UTC 4 hours ago
8673. Use EXPAND-DS-BIND for most macro-lik...

Author: Douglas Katzman
Revision Date: 2015-07-01 00:08:21 UTC

Use EXPAND-DS-BIND for most macro-like things.


Missing from the above list are destructuring-bind and "actual" macros,
on account of a few bootstrapping issues pending resolution.

This doesn't yet use the expander that is able to elide type tests.
It does however avoid all the (CDR (CDR (CDR ...))) nonsense.

A test of DEFTYPE in sb-introspect now expects a different result,
because we generally delete &WHOLE and &ENVIRONMENT variables
from lambda lists in their returned representation.

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