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lp:debian/squeeze/w3m 1 Development 2010-08-05 22:50:25 UTC
13. * debian/patches/010_upstream.patch: ...

Author: Tatsuya Kinoshita
Revision Date: 2010-08-05 22:50:25 UTC

* debian/patches/010_upstream.patch: Sync with the upstream development
  snapshot on 2010-08-04.
  - Check width, rows and cols to prevent a large memory allocation.
    (Closes: #491400, #492290)
* debian/patches/040_maximum-cols.patch: Patch from upstream to define
  MAXIMUM_COLS to check COLS. (Closes: #387751)
* debian/patches/030_pager-s-option.patch: Change the -s option from
  "display charset Shift_JIS" to "squeeze multiple blank lines" to work
  as /usr/bin/pager. (rejected upstream)
* debian/README.Debian: Mention the -s option difference.
* debian/rules: Set INSTALL_W3MIMGDISPLAY to not use install -s.
  (Closes: #438260)
* debian/rules, debian/w3m-img.files, debian/w3m-img.postinst,
  debian/w3m-img.prerm: Don't use dpkg-statoverride. (Closes: #562824)
* debian/rules, debian/w3m-img.lintian-overrides: Install lintian override
  to ignore the setgid-binary warning.
* debian/postrm: Removed.
* debian/dirs, debian/rules: Install the Bonus directory.
* debian/docs: Add doc/README.passwd.

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