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13. By Tatsuya Kinoshita

* debian/patches/010_upstream.patch: Sync with the upstream development
  snapshot on 2010-08-04.
  - Check width, rows and cols to prevent a large memory allocation.
    (Closes: #491400, #492290)
* debian/patches/040_maximum-cols.patch: Patch from upstream to define
  MAXIMUM_COLS to check COLS. (Closes: #387751)
* debian/patches/030_pager-s-option.patch: Change the -s option from
  "display charset Shift_JIS" to "squeeze multiple blank lines" to work
  as /usr/bin/pager. (rejected upstream)
* debian/README.Debian: Mention the -s option difference.
* debian/rules: Set INSTALL_W3MIMGDISPLAY to not use install -s.
  (Closes: #438260)
* debian/rules, debian/w3m-img.files, debian/w3m-img.postinst,
  debian/w3m-img.prerm: Don't use dpkg-statoverride. (Closes: #562824)
* debian/rules, debian/w3m-img.lintian-overrides: Install lintian override
  to ignore the setgid-binary warning.
* debian/postrm: Removed.
* debian/dirs, debian/rules: Install the Bonus directory.
* debian/docs: Add doc/README.passwd.

12. By Tatsuya Kinoshita

* debian/patches/010_upstream.patch: Upstream development snapshot on
  2010-07-26. (Debian patches except config.* are merged)
* debian/patches/020_config-guess.patch: Update config.guess and
  config.sub using autotools-dev 20100122.1.
* debian/docs, debian/rules, debian/w3m-img.docs: Install some README
  files, such as README.img. (Closes: #252738, #306201)
* debian/control:
  - Fix description wording. (Closes: #260414)
  - Update Standards-Version to 3.9.1.
* debian/README.Debian, debian/README.Debian.w3m-img, debian/config.param,
  debian/w3m.1, debian/w3mman.1: Removed.
* debian/copyright: Add the license of EastAsianWidth.txt.

11. By Tatsuya Kinoshita

* debian/patches/100_download-error-short-write.patch: Patch to tell a
  download failure when full disk, provided by Karsten Schoelzel.
  (Closes: #185006, #206605)
* debian/patches/110_no-graph-restriction.patch: Patch to restrict table
  and menu borders to ASCII if you use -no-graph, provided by Karsten
  Schoelzel. (Closes: #261174, #394265)
* debian/patches/120_config-file-handling.patch: Patch to fix segfault
  when changing options if ~/.w3m not accessible, provided by Karsten
  Schoelzel. (Closes: #366284)
* debian/patches/130_rc-blank-line-fix.patch: Patch to fix .w3m/config
  parser confused by blank lines, provided by Trent W. Buck.
  (Closes: #537706)
* debian/patches/140_pseudo-inlines.patch: Patch to add a new option
  "pseudo_inlines", provided by Karsten Schoelzel.
  (Closes: #329863)
* debian/patches/150_numbered-links.patch: Patch to add a new option
  "display_link_number", provided by Karsten Schoelzel.
  (Closes: #329862)
* debian/patches/160_tls-sni.patch: Patch to add support for TLS SNI,
  provided by Sascha Silbe. (Closes: #523159)
* debian/patches/170_number-prefix.patch: Patch to make number prefixes
  working when vi_prec_num=0, from upstream.
* debian/patches/180_non-xterm.patch: Patch to fix segfault on non-xterm,
  from upstream.
* debian/patches/190_codepage.patch: Patch for handling of codepage with
  wc_codepage, from upstream.

10. By Tatsuya Kinoshita

* debian/patches/070_form-update.patch: Patch to fix a problem of
  formUpdateBuffer(), from [w3m-dev 04286] on 2007-08-04, provided by
  Hironori SAKAMOTO. (Closes: #409933)
* debian/patches/080_xhtml-support.patch: Patch to support for
  application/xhtml+xml and default UTF-8 encoding, provided by
  Karsten Schoelzel. (Closes: #223589, #242599, #357817)
* debian/patches/090_simple-preserve-space.patch: Patch to add a new
  option "simple_preserve_space", provided by dai.
  (Closes: #384982, #426055)
* debian/patches/*: Renumbered.
* debian/patches/70_ssl-init.patch: Removed.
* debian/w3mconfig: Set ssl_forbid_method to 2 to disable SSLv2.
* debian/copyright: Updated.

9. By Tatsuya Kinoshita

* debian/patches/60_check-null-cn.patch: Patch to check for null bytes
  in CN/subjAltName, provided by Ludwig Nussel. (Closes: #587445)
* debian/patches/70_ssl-init.patch: Patch to force ssl_verify_server on
  and disable SSLv2 support, provided by Ludwig Nussel.
* debian/patches/*: Renumbered.
* debian/control: Update Standards-Version to 3.9.0.

8. By Tatsuya Kinoshita

debian/control: Move migemo from Recommends to Suggests.
(Closes: #570906)

7. By Tatsuya Kinoshita

* debian/patches/10-w3mman-keep-formatting: Patch from 0.5.2-2.1ubuntu1.
  Use MAN_KEEP_FORMATTING=1 to fix that w3mman eats underlined characters.
  (Closes: #325699)
* debian/patches/05-config-debian-fix: Update config.guess and config.sub
  using autotools-dev 20090611.1.
* debian/watch: Update with sf redirector. (Closes: #550615)
* debian/control:
  - Remove Fumitoshi Ukai from Maintainer. (Closes: #541020)
  - Move Tatsuya Kinoshita to Maintainer from Uploaders.
  - Add ${misc:Depends} to Depends.
  - Move migemo from Suggests to Recommends.
  - Use dh_prep instead of `dh_clean -k'.
  - Set Section to web.
  - Update Standards-Version to 3.8.4.
* debian/prerm: Add -e to not ignore an error.
* debian/copyright: Updated.
* Update debhelper version to 7.
* Switch to dpkg-source 3.0 (quilt) format.

6. By Cyril Brulebois

* Non-maintainer upload.
* debian/patches/06-gnukfreebsd-ftbfs-fix:
  - Fix FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD by extending the check on the FreeBSD
    version to __FreeBSD_kernel_version, as exported by the FreeBSD
    kernel on the GNU/kFreeBSD environments, as suggested by Petr
    Salinger (Closes: #493486).

5. By Tatsuya Kinoshita

* debian/control:
  - Change the libgdk-pixbuf-dev build dependency to libimlib2-dev,
    patch from the Ubuntu w3m package. (Closes: #409006, #259110)
  - Remove the autotools-dev build dependency.
* debian/patches/*:
  - Don't contain a patch that patches the same file twice.
    (Closes: #485026)
  - New patch for config.sub and config.guess.
* debian/rules:
  - Remove po/stamp-po at the clean target.
  - Don't use redundant dh_installman.

4. By Moritz Muehlenhoff <email address hidden>

* NMU by the Security Team:
* Fix format string vulnerability in display of SSL certificates.
  (No CVE ID yet) (Closes: #404564)

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