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lp:debian/aptitude bug 1 Development 2015-10-16 13:28:08 UTC 2015-10-16
43. * New upstream release. Please see /u...

Author: Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo
Revision Date: 2015-10-16 13:28:08 UTC

* New upstream release. Please see /usr/share/aptitude/NEWS for a change
  log with more details.

  - New features:
    * [curses] Show providers of virtual packages in "description" area
      (Closes: #103964)

  - Bug fixes:
    * Retrieve again long descriptions (Closes: #801460)
    * Fix for circular dependencies in internal_mark_delete()
      (Closes: #801430)
    * Fix race condition replacing ~/.aptitude/config (Closes: #764046)

  - User visible changes:
    * [cmdline] In versioned provides, include '=' symbol (Closes: #767393)
    * [cmdline] "show" now shows arch of packages in multi-arch systems
    * [curses] Use 'w' in action column for package downgrades
      (Closes: #801310)
    * [cmdline] Show feedback of some commands (hold, forbid-version, ...)
      with verbose>0 (Closes: #270033, #638841)
    * [cmdline] Require args for some commands: hold, keep...
      (Closes: #759520)

  - Internal changes:
    * In internal_mark_delete(), also check for auto-installability
      property of real packages providing virtual packages to stop them
      being marked for deletion (check was also done in later steps).
    * Convert some instances of boost::unordered_{set,map,multimap} to std::
    * Convert some instances of boost::hash to std::
    * Remove two uses of boost::lexical_cast, use std::to_string() instead
    * Create utility function remove_non_recursive()

  - Documentation:
    * manpage:
      * Remove wrong assertion that safe-upgrade does not accept
        --full-resolver (Closes: #560991)
      * Document missing &BD specifier when installing packages
        (Closes: #696568)
    * Guide/User's Manual:
      * Update renamed config option ::CmdLine::Show-Summary
        (Closes: #776789)
      * Correct some wrong examples of search patterns (Closes: #519456)

* debian/patches:
  - Remove fix-tmpdir.patch, applied upstream

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