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43. By Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <email address hidden> on 2015-10-16

* New upstream release. Please see /usr/share/aptitude/NEWS for a change
  log with more details.

  - New features:
    * [curses] Show providers of virtual packages in "description" area
      (Closes: #103964)

  - Bug fixes:
    * Retrieve again long descriptions (Closes: #801460)
    * Fix for circular dependencies in internal_mark_delete()
      (Closes: #801430)
    * Fix race condition replacing ~/.aptitude/config (Closes: #764046)

  - User visible changes:
    * [cmdline] In versioned provides, include '=' symbol (Closes: #767393)
    * [cmdline] "show" now shows arch of packages in multi-arch systems
    * [curses] Use 'w' in action column for package downgrades
      (Closes: #801310)
    * [cmdline] Show feedback of some commands (hold, forbid-version, ...)
      with verbose>0 (Closes: #270033, #638841)
    * [cmdline] Require args for some commands: hold, keep...
      (Closes: #759520)

  - Internal changes:
    * In internal_mark_delete(), also check for auto-installability
      property of real packages providing virtual packages to stop them
      being marked for deletion (check was also done in later steps).
    * Convert some instances of boost::unordered_{set,map,multimap} to std::
    * Convert some instances of boost::hash to std::
    * Remove two uses of boost::lexical_cast, use std::to_string() instead
    * Create utility function remove_non_recursive()

  - Documentation:
    * manpage:
      * Remove wrong assertion that safe-upgrade does not accept
        --full-resolver (Closes: #560991)
      * Document missing &BD specifier when installing packages
        (Closes: #696568)
    * Guide/User's Manual:
      * Update renamed config option ::CmdLine::Show-Summary
        (Closes: #776789)
      * Correct some wrong examples of search patterns (Closes: #519456)

* debian/patches:
  - Remove fix-tmpdir.patch, applied upstream

42. By Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <email address hidden> on 2015-10-07

* New upstream release. Please see /usr/share/aptitude/NEWS for a change
  log with more details.

  - Bug fixes:
    * [cmdline] Correctly calculate the indentation for multi-byte
      encoded strings in command line "show" (Closes: #360202)
    * [curses] Show intended action when downgrading (Closes: #516517)
    * Update internal state for upgrades/downgrades with target version
      after the action is performed (Closes: #787658, #714429)
    * [curses] Don't precede Tags field by newline in package info
      screen (Closes: #799933)
    * Correctly detect state of vers/pkg when is ConfigFiles
      (Closes: #698768)
    * [cmdline] Show "RECOMMENDED but will not be installed" on pipes
      and redirections (Closes: #647474)
    * [curses] Improve the integration of Forbid upgrades
      (Closes: #439258)
    * Remove unneeded automatically installed packages in the same action
      (Closes: #478116, #564545, #637257, #368037, #486454, #738517,
       #789803, #779999, #756507, #759764, #766702, #655483,#740009)
    * Honour ::Purge-Unused when removing packages (Closes: #724034)
    * Be more informative when virtual packages are involved in broken
      deps (Closes: #316633, #798898, #799918)
    * Fix description of config option ::AutoClean-After-Update
      (Closes: #756937)

  - User visible changes:
    * Make boundaries of sessions in the log file more clear
      (Closes: #269275)
    * [curses] Avoid marking as auto/non-auto if already set
      (Closes: #265013)
    * [curses] Print message when starting to perform actions
      (Closes: #323371)
    * Use uppercase APT:: for apt config vars, for consistency
      (Closes: #519425)
    * [cmdline] Print versions of Provides, if they exist
      (Closes: #767393)

  - Internal changes:
    * temp.cc: simplify code and messages and reduce the use of boost
    * configure.ac: Remove checks for boost/scoped_array.hpp and
      boost/random.hpp, not used anymore
    * Adding missing trigger states in some functions
    * Disable checks in configure.ac and preprocessor in code for
      APT_HAS_TRIGGERS, APT_HAS_HOMEPAGE and HAVE_DDTP (apt supports them
      since 2007-2008).
    * Add functions to check if packages are installed, automatically
      installed, if they are virtual, and others. They can be used later
      to make other code more consistent, clear and clean.
    * Remove sigc++ include from apt_config_widgets.h (fails to build
      with newer version 2.6 recently uploaded to unstable)

  - Documentation:
    * Guide/User's Manual:
      * Document Brown colour for downgraded packages in UI (feature
        implemented in the last version)

  - Translation updates:
    * Russian by Lev Lamberov (Closes: #769425)
    * Dutch by Frans Spiesschaert (Closes: #800516)

* d/rules: Upgrade C++ required to C++14, only minor changes/fixes from C++11
* debian/patches:
  - Add fix-tmpdir.patch to fix a minor problem with temp directories

41. By Axel Beckert on 2015-09-18

* New upstream release. Please see /usr/share/aptitude/NEWS for a change
  log with more details.

  - New features:
    * 'Escape' key cancels input dialogs (search, limit, etc.) (Closes:
    * Extend "firstchar" grouping policy to optionally use source
      package names.
    * [curses] Add 'New Source Package View' to Views menu (thanks
      Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo, really closes: #497206), with some
      updates and minor modifications, like more complex grouping.
    * [curses] Use Yellow/Brown colour to highlight downgrades (Closes:
    * Log file now contains version information for most actions
      (Closes: #222585)
    * Save selection state of packages to dpkg database (Closes:
    * Consider packages "unknown" to dpkg as not to install. (Closes:
      #328616) The behaviour of scheduled aptitude actions will be

  - Bug fixes:
    * Disable strings gathered for translation (Closes: #790568)
    * Change to try to make updated status stats more clear (Closes:
    * [cmdline] Correctly print when a package should be purged (Closes:
    * [curses] With the option of mini-buffer prompts enabled,
      cancellation of the "Quit confirmation" with 'Escape' or 'Ctrl-g'
      does not cause the dialog/prompt to stop working (Closes: #607118)
    * [cmdline] Warn when package cannot be marked/unmarked auto
      (Closes: #498240)
    * Install signal handlers and do clean-up when terminating abruptly
      (Closes: #558352)
    * [curses] Set better ordering for groups of Preview Actions
      (Closes: #434352)

  - User visible changes:
    * Change error string of source_policy_parser to be the same as the
    * [curses] Improve titles and descriptions of views.

  - Internal changes:
    * Improve retrieval of source package information with (upcoming)
      APT 1.1. Thanks to David Kalnischkies for the suggestion and
      implementation advice.
    * New helper dpkg_selections.{h,cc}, to help to manage saving
      selections to the dpkg database (--set-selections)

  - Documentation:
    * Guide/User's Manual: Remove grouping policy "hier" from
      doc/??/aptitude.xml (the categorial/hierarchical browser features
      were removed in version 0.7)

  - Translation updates:
    * Russian by Lev Lamberov (Closes: #798485, #769428)

* Add lintian override for spelling-error-in-binary "ressize", seems to
  be from "resource size" or such. Cannot be found in the source code.
* Fix spelling errors in the two previous changelog entries as reported
  by Lintian.
* Add lintian override for symlink to /usr/share/common-license/
* Remove explicit build-dependency on g++ >= 4:5.2, no more needed.
* Detabify previous changelog entry.
* Remove no more active team members from Uploaders as suggested by the
  MIA team. Every team member is welcome to re-add himself to Uploaders
  once he's active again. Thanks for all your work, Daniel and Daniel!

40. By Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <email address hidden> on 2015-09-05

* New upstream release.
  - Bug fixes:
    * Fix for wrong reported size of deleted files with 'autoclean' on
      32-bit arches (Closes: #499872)
    * Be explicit when packages are already installed, cannot be
      removed/purged because they are not installed, and similar
      (Closes: #421469).
    * Check string formats for columns in both curses and command line
      interface, and forbid characters which can lead to cwidget
      assertions and program crashes. (Closes: #497129, #532662).
  - Documentation:
    * Quick help (help.txt):
      * Document 'l' (Limit Display) in quick help (Closes: #514541)
      * Improve description of '_' (Purge) (Closes: #495326)
      * Improve the description of the search shortcut, and point more
        clearly to search patterns in the full documentation
    * man page:
      * Fix example of '-F' with current and candidate versions
        (Closes: #752517)
    * Guide/User's Manual:
      * Upgrade doc/??/aptitude.xml documents from DocBook XML 4.2 to
      * Use XHTML 1.0 rather than HTML 4.01, at least to have something
  from this decade/century. The resulting documentation still
        does not fully validate (see #496724), I think that due to
        bugs/problems of docbook-xsl conversions using invalid elements in
  the different standards (tried HTML 4.0, 4.01, XHTML 1.0 and 1.1).
      * Generate 'alt' tag for images in HTML documentation (see #496724)
      * In "Customizing the package list", fix order of variables
        ::UI::Package-Status-Format and ::UI::Package-Header-Format and
  their explanations
  - User visible changes:
    * Slightly change description of shortcut 'g' in title bar
      (Closes: #247487)
  - Internal changes:
    * search_graph.h, fix problem with code which was working for many
      years (with boost 1.55 and many versions before), but now the
straightforward option to convert boost::optional to bool does not
      work with gcc-5.2 and boost-1.58, so use .is_initialized() instead.
    * solution_item.cc, copy string of package name coming from libapt
      because it does not guarantee that the string is valid for all of the
      time span that we need it, to not show garbage that it happens
      sometimes (Closes: #795150, #795028)
    * match.cc, pkg_info_screen.cc, reason_fragment.cc: remove and
      modify code relying on pkg.Section() (from apt PkgIterator), it is
      deprecated code and it will get removed soon according to the apt team
      (Versions have Sections, Package in abstract doesn't have unique
    * aptitude_resolver.cc: use std::unique_ptr instead of deprecated
    * Add compatibility for APT 1.1:
      * Create DepIterator values from Dependency pointers on-the-fly,
        where required
      * Adjust AcqQueuedFile() for changed signatures of overriden
    * Improving C++11 compatibilty mode:
      * Convert std::auto_ptr (deprecated in C++11) to unique_ptr
      * Convert boost::scoped_ptr (deprecated in C++11) to std::unique_ptr
      * Convert instances of boost::shared_ptr, make_shared, and
        weak_ptr to be explicitly prefixed by boost::, otherwise they clash
  or have problems compiling with the new C++11 std::shared_ptr and
        analogues (many were not converted in the previous version).
    * Remove unused function serialize_pattern_list()
    * Remove unused function wcsempty()
    * Improvements of the autoconf/automake infrastructure.
     * No more generate a dummy ChangeLog file just to please automake.
     * Clean up some more leftover files in "make maintainer-clean"
     * Use 'cp -u' when copying gtest and gmock, so they don't need to be
       recompiled every time
  - Translation updates:
    * Swedish by Josef Andersson (Closes: #792911)
    * Fix typos/syntax oddities and translation issues, thanks Jens Seidel
     (Closes: #381702)

* Disable patches, now in the upstream release:
  - 05-cherry-pick-3593bdcb.patch
  - 10-cherry-pick-2a5a8b25.patch
  - 15-cherry-pick-4b24b358.patch

39. By Axel Beckert on 2015-08-05

[ Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo ]
* New upstream release.
  - Changes in the versioning scheme and changelog (to follow loosely
    the Semantic Version specification)
  - Feature removal: The content-wise outdated and
    not-multiarch-compatible categorical browser has been removed. The
    Debtags browser has replaced most of its functionality already. Local
    package groups are no more available, though. The removal discussion
    has taken place in #686646. (Closes: #686124, #686142, #686646 as
    well as LP: #1082198).
  - Changes to allow to compile with C++11 compatibilty mode (prompted by
    changes in the toolchain in Debian) (Closes: #777778)
  - Fix reported installed size change when installing/deinstalling
    packages which are bigger than 2 GiB (int type size 32 bits). Thanks
    Benny Baumann and Jason Rhinelander for the report and info, and Sven
    Joachim for the patch. (Closes: #759769)
  - Changes in automake files to be able to use current automake
  - Documentation:
    - Previously missing trigger-related package states are now
      documented. (Closes: #770073, #771305, #771704)
    - Minesweeper: Fixed save/load keybindings in help.
      (Closes: #736934)
  - Translation updates:
    - Czech by Miroslav Kure (Closes: #758226)
    - Russian by Yuri Kozlov (Closes: #760812)
    - German man page translation by Mario Blättermann and
      Jens Seidel (Closes: #762340)
    - Catalan by Orestes Mas (Closes: #771618)
    - French documentation translation by Cédric Boutillier
      (Closes: #773807)
    - Italian documentation translation by Beatrice Torracca
      (Closes: #776706)
    - Dutch by Frans Spiesschaert (Closes: #778425)

[ Axel Beckert ]
* Apply wrap-and-sort.
* No more install files related to the categorical browser.
* Update Vcs-Browser header to use cgit and HTTPS.
* Declare compliance with Debian Policy 3.9.6. (No changes needed.)
* debian/rules:
  + Remove override_dh_builddeb: xz compression is default nowadays.
  + Remove obsolete x from [ "x$var" != "x" ] comparisons.
* Add myself to Uploaders.
* Cherry-pick 3593bdcb, 2a5a8b25, and 4b24b358 from upstream to cope
  with Boost 1.58 which has been uploaded to unstable during the
  libstdc++6 transition, but after the 0.7 upstream release.
* Temporarily bump g++ dependency from 4:3.2.2-0 to 4:5.2 for the
  gcc-5/libstdc++6 transition.
* Add build-dependency on automake.

38. By Daniel Hartwig on 2014-06-02

* Includes fix for FTBFS with gcc-4.9.
* New upstream release:
  - Load package tags from APT if debtags database is not available.
    (Closes: #501732)
  - Remove -Werror from default compiler flags. (Closes: #746824)
  - No longer use libept. (Closes: #504153, #677551)
* Translation updates:
  - Italian (Closes: #741875)
  - Portuguese (Closes: #748141)
* debian/control:
  - New Build-Depends on libxapian-dev, replacing libept-dev.
  - Correct typo in description of aptitude-common. (Closes: #746960)
  - Drop apt-xapian-index to Suggests.
* debian/changelog:
  - Remove non-ASCII punctuation. (Closes: #745680)

37. By Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <email address hidden> on 2014-02-20

[ Daniel Hartwig ]
Note that 0.6.9 was an experimental release. Most of the changes it
contained are temporarily reverted, but they will return.

* Remove ancient Conflicts: ia32-apt-get

[ Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo ]
* New upstream release.
  - New sort policy 'installsizechange' (Closes: #676075)
  - Fix segfault with "aptitude changelog PKG" when PKG is a source
    package with no corresponding binary package (Closes: #723821)
  - Use new URL to fetch changelogs (metadata.ftp-master.d.o)
    (Closes: #708345)
  - Fix incorrect results with some sorting policies (Closes: #720750)
  - Update manual to refer to canonical git repository.
  - Improve and explain some translation messages (Closes: #537858)

36. By Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <email address hidden> on 2014-01-26

[ Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo ]
* New upstream release
  - New features:
    * Get changelogs also when package origin is from "Debian Backports"
      and not only "Debian", thanks Gerfried Fuchs (Closes: #714619)
    * New sort policy 'debsize' for sorting by package size, thanks
      Marcel Partap
    * Add "Reinstall (shortcut L)" to the package menu (Closes: #633788)
    * Add descriptions for sections introduced in 2011 (education,
      introspection, metapackages) (Closes: #674681)
  - Bug fixes:
    * Do not group packages as tasks based on their name, rather, use
      their section (Closes: #679602)
    * Change AC_ARG_ENABLE(package-state-loc, ...) for
      AC_ARG_WITH(package-state-loc, ...), and the same for "lock-loc", to
      fix inconsistency/bug in the configure file. Thanks Jeremy
      Laine (Closes: #399757)
    * Correct slightly the error message when the invocation of dpkg
      fails to perform an operation (Closes: #348758)
  - Documentation:
    * Improve description and fix typo for the "show" command in man
      page, thanks Regid Ichira (Closes: #692173)
  - Translation updates:
    * Fix inconsistent German translations (Closes: #720186)
    * Fix important error in translation in Spanish manpage, thanks
      Martintxo (Closes: #727815)
    * Fix error in Spanish translation, thanks Manolo Díaz
      (Closes: #716669)

[ Axel Beckert ]
* Fix lintian warning vcs-field-not-canonical
  + Explicitly specify branch for packaging

35. By Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo <email address hidden> on 2014-01-19

* New upstream release
  - Fix FTBFS with g++-4.8 by removing unused typedefs (Closes: #701243)
  - Support Boost 1.53 (Closes: #710208)
  - Avoid segfault with some status line formats (Closes: #714186)
  - Update support for automake and similar tools (autogen.sh), now
    version 1.14
  - Translation updates:
    - Russian translation of documentation. Thanks to Lev Lamberov and
      the Russian localization team.
    - German, by Benjamin Weis and Holger Wansing (Closes: #729329)
    - Japanese (Closes: #728115)
    - Russian by Yuri Kozlov (Closes: #725280)
    - Asturian by Inigo Varela (Closes: #698512)
    - Danish by Morten Bo Johansen (Closes: #700885)
    - French by David Prévot (Closes: #693323)

* Acknowledge NMUs (patches had been cherry picked from VCS)
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.5
  - Drop obsolete field in debian/control: DM-Upload-Allowed
* Add myself as uploader

34. By Andreas Barth <email address hidden> on 2013-08-24

* cherrypick from git:
  + fix FTBFS with Boost 1.53. Closes: #710208
  + support again Boost < 1.53

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