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apparmor-2.13 2020-04-03 01:47:03 UTC 23 hours ago
Merge Backport xdg open

Author: John Johansen
Author Date: 2020-04-03 01:47:03 UTC

Merge Backport xdg open

@Talkless requested xdg-open and friends be cherry-picked into 2.13

This is the set of commits (and fixes) to do that without modifying them.

We could drop backporting dbus-strict by modifying both the adding missing .d dirs, and add xdg-open and friends patches.

This series does not currently include the make check test and its fixes for the .d directories, as they were not required but we may want to include them to catch any potential errors.
Signed-off-by: John Johansen <>

cherry-pick-d257afd3 2020-04-02 08:49:51 UTC 2020-04-02
Add xdg-open (and friends) abstraction

Author: John Johansen
Author Date: 2020-02-03 21:32:21 UTC

Add xdg-open (and friends) abstraction

Implement set of abstractions to handle opening uris via xdg-open and similar helpers used on different desktop environments.

Abstractions are intended to be included into child profile, together with bundle abstractions such as ubuntu-browsers, ubuntu-email and others, for fine-grained control on what confined application can actually open via xdg-open and similar helpers.

Acked-by: John Johansen <>

(cherry picked from commit d257afd3096b25f5d76e2575478c13d4f6930f9a)

622fc44b Add xdg-open (and friends) abstraction
af278ca6 exo-open: Fix denials on OpenSUSE
f07f0771 exo-open: Allow playing alert sounds
80514906 kde-open5: use dbus-network-manager-strict abstraction
ac08dc66 kde-open5: fix denies Ubuntu Eoan
501aada8 gio-open: fix denies Ubuntu Eoan
0a55babe exo-open: do not enable a11y by default
e77abfa5 exo-open: update comment about DBUS denial
d35faafd kde-open5: do not enable a11y by default
8b481d46 kde-open5: do not enable gstreamer support by default
162e5086 xdg-open: update usage example

master 2020-04-01 04:03:52 UTC 2020-04-01
abstractions: add /etc/mdns.allow to /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/mdns

Author: Rich McAllister
Author Date: 2020-04-01 04:01:21 UTC

abstractions: add /etc/mdns.allow to /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/mdns

In focal users of mdns get denials in apparmor confined applications.
An exampel can be found in the original bug below.

It seems it is a common pattern, see

Therefore I'm asking to add
   /etc/mdns.allow r,
to the file
by default.

--- original bug ---

Many repetitions of

audit: type=1400 audit(1585517168.705:63): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="/usr/sbin/chronyd" name="/etc/mdns.allow" pid=1983815 comm="chronyd" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=123 ouid=0

in log. I use libnss-mdns for .local name resolution, so /etc/nsswitch.conf contains

hosts: files mdns [NOTFOUND=return] myhostname dns

and /etc/mnds.allow contains the domains to resolve with mDNS (in may case, "local." and "local"; see /usr/share/doc/libnss-mdns/README.html.)

Presumably cronyd calls a gethostbyX() somewhere, thus eventually trickling down through the name service switch and opening /etc/mdns.allow, which the AppArmor profile in the chrony package does not allow.

Signed-off-by: John Johansen <>

apparmor-2.12 2020-03-31 22:02:18 UTC 2020-03-31
Add "run" variable

Author: nl6720
Author Date: 2020-02-13 07:58:33 UTC

Add "run" variable

Define the "run" variable in 2.12 and 2.13 to make backporting profile updates easier.

Signed-off-by: nl6720 <>
(cherry picked from commit 452b5b8735e449cba29a1fb25c9bff38ba8763ec)
Acked-by: John Johansen <>

cherry-pick-d4296d21 2020-03-31 21:02:18 UTC 2020-03-31
Merge: abstractions/nameservice: allow accessing /run/systemd/userdb/

Author: John Johansen
Author Date: 2020-03-29 08:51:55 UTC

Merge: abstractions/nameservice: allow accessing /run/systemd/userdb/

On systems with systemd 245, `nss-systemd` additionally queries NSS records from `systemd-userdbd.service`. See .

This does not bring full support for `systemd-homed`, but I don't use that service so I can't help with that.

Acked-by: John Johansen <>

(cherry picked from commit d4296d217c888e08e10bec300fe35351c2ef2f81)

16f9f688 abstractions/nameservice: allow accessing /run/systemd/userdb/

apparmor-2.11 2020-02-03 21:18:05 UTC 2020-02-03
Merge branch 'run-uuidd-request' into 'master'

Author: Christian Boltz
Author Date: 2020-02-03 21:17:28 UTC

Merge branch 'run-uuidd-request' into 'master'

abstractions/base: allow read access to /run/uuidd/request

See merge request apparmor/apparmor!445

Acked-by: John Johansen <> for 2.11..master
Acked-by: Christian Boltz <> for 2.11..master

(cherry picked from commit 80bf9209296417a1a65fe03130530e1303a4d6c7)

45fffc12 abstractions/base: allow read access to /run/uuidd/request

apparmor-2.10 2020-02-01 06:24:18 UTC 2020-02-01
docs: fix typo in man doc of unix rules

Author: Ian Johnson
Author Date: 2020-01-30 20:22:49 UTC

docs: fix typo in man doc of unix rules

Signed-off-by: John Johansen <>
Acked-by: Steve Beattie <>
(cherry picked from commit f4220a19bec57a2d3d7d92984e9030197605c0dd)

apparmor-2.9 2018-06-29 18:30:00 UTC 2018-06-29
profiles: adjust abstractions/python for python 3.7

Author: Christian Boltz
Author Date: 2018-06-28 11:34:08 UTC

profiles: adjust abstractions/python for python 3.7

Python 3.7 was released yesterday - and to make the abstraction
future-proof, also cover 3.8 and 3.9 in advance ;-)

(cherry picked from commit 01f41fbff821be7264a4b0aac83ed04747395055)

Signed-off-by: Steve Beattie <>

apparmor-2.8 2017-10-28 05:46:04 UTC 2017-10-28
git conversion: move .bzrignore to .gitignore

Author: Steve Beattie
Author Date: 2017-10-28 05:46:04 UTC

git conversion: move .bzrignore to .gitignore

Signed-off-by: Steve Beattie <>

apparmor-2.7 2012-04-25 19:58:58 UTC 2012-04-25
Merge from trunk rev 2037:

Author: Kees Cook
Author Date: 2012-04-25 19:58:58 UTC

Merge from trunk rev 2037:

The m4 shipped to handle Python was incorrectly clearing
$CPPFLAGS. Additionally, do not repeat compiler flags for automake
targets that already include them, and pass more flags to the Perl build.

Signed-off-by: Kees Cook <>
Acked-By: Steve Beattie <>

apparmor-2.6 2011-08-26 23:03:03 UTC 2011-08-26
Merge from trunk revision 1805:

Author: Steve Beattie
Author Date: 2011-08-26 23:03:03 UTC

Merge from trunk revision 1805:

  Attached is a patch to make the initscript not fail if /tmp is full
  by converting the comm(1) usage on temporary files to an embedded
  awk script. On both Ubuntu and OpenSUSE, a version of awk (mawk in
  Ubuntu, gawk in OpenSUSE) is either a direct or indirect dependency
  on the minimal or base package set, and the original reporter also
  mentioned that an awk-based solution would be palatable in a way
  that converting to bash, or using perl or python here would not be.

  In the embedded awk script, I've tried to avoid gawk or mawk
  specific behaviors or extensions; e.g. this is the reason for the
  call to sort on the output of the awk script, rather than using
  gawk's asort(). But please let me know if you see anything that
  shouldn't be portable across awk implementations.

  An additional issue that is fixed in both scripts is handling
  child profiles (e.g. hats) during reload. If child profiles are
  filtered out (via grep -v '//') of the list to consider, then
  on reloading a profile where a child profile has been removed or
  renamed, that child profile will continue to stick around. However,
  if the profile containing child profiles is removed entirely,
  if the initscript attempts to unload the child profiles after the
  parent is removed, this will fail because they were unloaded when
  the parent was unloaded. Thus I removed any filtering of child
  profiles out, but do a post-awk reverse sort which guarantees that
  any child profiles will be removed before their parent is. I also
  added the LC_COLLATE=C (based on the Ubuntu version) to the sort
  call to ensure a consistent sort order.

  To restate, the problem with the existing code is that it creates
  temporary files in $TMPDIR (by default /tmp) and if that partition
  is full, problems with the reload action ensue. Alternate solutions
  include switching the initscript to use bash and its <$() extension
  or setting TMPDIR to /dev/shm/. The former is unpalatable to some
  (particularly for an initscript), and for the latter, /dev/shm is
  only guaranteed to exist on GNU libc based systems (glibc apparently
  expects /dev/shm to exist for its POSIX shared memory implementation;
  see shm_overview(7)). So to me, awk (sans GNU extensions) looks
  to be the least bad option here.

Nominated-By: Steve Beattie <>
Acked-By: John Johansen <>


apparmor-2.5 2011-06-06 17:39:54 UTC 2011-06-06
Rename tags to conform with git tag requirements

Author: John Johansen
Author Date: 2011-06-06 17:39:54 UTC

Rename tags to conform with git tag requirements

Rename tags
  apparmor_2.5.2~rc1 to apparmor_2.5.2-rc1
  apparmor_2.6.0~rc1 to apparmor_2.6.0-rc1

this is necessary for export to the git mirror

Signed-off-by: John Johansen <>

apparmor-2.3 2008-05-27 12:04:33 UTC 2008-05-27
remove for-mainline dir from kernel patches

Author: John Johansen
Author Date: 2008-05-27 12:04:33 UTC

remove for-mainline dir from kernel patches

apparmor-2.1 2008-03-28 07:19:57 UTC 2008-03-28
merge -r 1158 - fix fatal errors so that they have an exit with an exit code

Author: John Johansen
Author Date: 2008-03-28 07:19:57 UTC

merge -r 1158 - fix fatal errors so that they have an exit with an exit code
of 127

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