Last commit made on 2008-03-28
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2d31f4d... by John Johansen

merge -r 1158 - fix fatal errors so that they have an exit with an exit code
of 127

ee8e0b6... by John Johansen

merge over -r 1156 update of the ptrace regression tests

bbe9d66... by John Johansen

Merge over r1117 making the longpath test a default test done

10edcd1... by John Johansen

merge over r1151 - fix to test to allow it to run on 64 bit
platforms where there is a /lib64

8ce5b85... by John Johansen

Backport setattr fix that fixes a bug where fuse unconditionally uses
the ia_file if present, which is a problem for special files.

ad02836... by John Johansen

merge over revision 1115 - add missing sysctl files

d6c3414... by John Johansen

Fix bug where log parsing could not handle append (a) and lock (k) perms.
Also rework mode parsing to include x modifier placement restrictions

ee16add... by John Johansen

update base opera profile

3fbbd13... by John Johansen

merge over fix from r1075 - fix init script so that it doesn't result in a regex with a null alternation ie. |apparmor

cd18ed8... by John Johansen

merge over fix from r1074 - update init functions to work with the apparmor module being a built in to the kernel