Code review comment for lp:~zorba-coders/zorba/fn_envvars

- the unparsed-text-lines function doesn't really stream because it materializes all the lines in a vector before returning them. Instead, the iterator should keep the istream in it's state and return the lines as they are parsed from the stream.
- the two readDocument functions share a lot of code which should be factorized
- please add spaces after keywords like if and while to be consistent with the other conventions in the sequences_impl.cpp file
- Normilize => Normalize
- wrong comment for the FnUnparsedTextLinesIterator::nextImpl function (14.8.6 fn:unparsed-text-lines)
- I think the unparsed-text-lines function returns an eventually empty last line. However, the spec says that it shouldn't return such an empty string.
- unparsed-text-lines should return the empty sequence if there are no lines in the input. However, it seems to raise FOUT1170.

review: Needs Fixing

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