Code review comment for lp:~zorba-coders/zorba/bug900677

Markos Zaharioudakis (markos-za) wrote :

1. The function::producesDistinctNodes() and function::producesSortedNodes() methods must be redefined for the keys function.

2. Why not use element()* as the return type of keys?

3. IndexKeysIterator::nextImpl() create a new QName (lKeyNodeName) every time it is called, and the same QName is created again (!) in createIndexKeyElement(). The QName must be created only once, in the IndexKeysIterator constructor and stored as a data member. Same for the other constant qnames used in the constructed XML tree.

4. No need for a new file and class to implement function createIndexKeyElement(). You can just add it as a static function in index_func_impl.cpp

5. The type of the value attribute should be xs:untypedAtomic, not xs:untyped

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