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> Should the actual atomic type be present in the attribute element?
What's the use case for this? The type is declared in the index which should be know by the user. It could be done but it's not clear how this would look like. Do you want the QName of the atomic type of the sequence type?

> If you have "by @id" where @id can be 1 or "1", you might want to create two
> index keys?
I don't understand this.

> If a key returns (), you might want to distinguish with empty string for
> probing later?
I have made a fix such that the value attribute is only present if the entry is not the empty sequence.

> By using keys(), I got the following output:
> <key xmlns="http://www.zorba-
> value="hello"></attribute><attribute value="4"></attribute></key>
> Is the namespace useful or does it just make the life of the user harder?
It's consistent with the keys function of the maps module. We can remove it but should remove it for both then (which is a backwards incompatible change).

> Why isn't it:
> <keys><key value="hello" /><key value="4" /></keys>
> Again, could you explain me how I'm supposed to probe from such XDM if one of
> the actual key returned empty sequence?
Is there a way to probe for entries where one of the keys is the empty sequence? I don't think there
is. We should have a separate bug for this.

> Should the keys have a position attribute or something?
The index of the attribute elements determines the position. Is an additional attribute really needed?

> The doc/zorba/xqddf.dox doesn't seem to mention the function, it should no?
Yes, that's done.

> > The xqdoc seems to have a formatting problem: the output example for keys()
> goes out of its box.

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