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lp:~zfs-native/daily/spl-linux 0 Experimental 2015-08-24 17:10:21 UTC 2015-08-24
820. Restructure uio to accommodate bio_ve...

Author: Chunwei Chen
Revision Date: 2015-08-24 17:10:21 UTC

Restructure uio to accommodate bio_vec

Starting from Linux 4.1, bio_vec will be allowed to pass into filesystem via
iter_read/iter_write, so we add a bio_vec field in uio_t to hold it, and use
UIO_BVEC in segflg to determine which "vec".

Also, to be consistent to newer kernel, we make iovec and bio_vec immutable,
and make uio act as an iterator with the new uio_skip field indicating number
of bytes to skip in the first segment.

Signed-off-by: Chunwei Chen <>
Signed-off-by: Brian Behlendorf <>
Issue zfsonlinux/zfs#3511
Issue zfsonlinux/zfs#3640
Closes #468

lp:~zfs-native/+junk/pkg-spl-trusty 1 Development 2015-04-24 21:20:30 UTC 2015-04-24
757. Update changelog for

Author: Darik Horn
Revision Date: 2015-04-24 21:20:30 UTC

Update changelog for release

lp:~zfs-native/+junk/pkg-zfs-trusty 1 Development 2015-03-15 03:33:51 UTC 2015-03-15
9. minor typo

Author: Yaroslav Halchenko
Revision Date: 2015-03-15 03:33:51 UTC

minor typo

lp:~zfs-native/daily/zfs-linux 1 Development 2014-08-02 05:19:49 UTC 2014-08-02 This branch has not been imported yet.
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