Code review comment for lp:~zephyrleaves/percona-server/row_cache

Stewart Smith (stewart) wrote :

On Wed, 16 May 2012 02:15:23 -0000, "Kevin.Huang" <email address hidden> wrote:
> Innodb_row_cache_cell_num 's value depended on the size of the record which be cached by row cache.
> The smaller record need more innodb_row_cache_cell_num for high performance, so i make it can be configured.

I completely understand, we do however see a lot of people who don't
know the intricacies of server configuration and will go with defaults
or something close to the default. Making it as easy for these people as
possible is a good feature, even if it may not be optimal for everyone
(people can change the variable by hand of course).

Stewart Smith

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