Code review comment for lp:~zephyrleaves/percona-server/row_cache

Kevin.Huang (zephyrleaves) wrote :

> Kevin,
> How does that explain that with
> --innodb-buffer-pool-size=10GB --innodb_row_cache_mem_pool_size=10GB
> I am getting worse throughput then with
> --innodb-buffer-pool-size=5GB --innodb_row_cache_mem_pool_size=5GB
> Again, whatever distribution is, I do not expect to see worse results with
> bigger cache.

Hi Vadim,

I think i found the reason why bigger cache cause worse performance.
If you set bigger innodb-buffer-pool-size,accordingly you need set bigger innodb_row_cache_cell_num too.
I use hashtable to store the records , so bigger innodb-buffer-pool-size cause more records to store in the hashtable, and the hashtable is more deeper , it make worse performance.

So set the bigger innodb_row_cache_cell_num can make hashtable shallower, it can make better performance.

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