Last commit made on 2012-09-08
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ee07b37... by Seif Lotfy

Try working around nullable symbols

fb93084... by Seif Lotfy

Undo last commit and fix test cases to cast simpleresult set from
generic array

3702427... by Seif Lotfy

make get_events return ResultSet
fix test case for it

d5e0d96... by Seif Lotfy

revert table lookup changes

56c5211... by Seif Lotfy

Work around null symbols by manually assigning them id = 0

cb46ea0... by Seif Lotfy

Fix crash if value of a symbol is null

f92cd54... by Siegfried Gevatter

Test improvements/fixes

f0143bf... by Siegfried Gevatter

Catch error registering monitor objects

8c531ed... by Siegfried Gevatter

ResultSet: remove next(), seek() and peek()

We could keep next() as deprecated, but we are already breaking plenty
of stuff anyway.

We remove seek() because it doesn't really fit into the iterator
semantics (ie. even if we wrapped a SQL cursor, it wouldn't be easy
to support). As for peek(), we could keep, it's kinda weird to have
it together with a next_value function that'd return the same.

1543988... by Siegfried Gevatter

libzeitgeist: add "null event" handling

GetEvents returns null-events when a requested ID doesn't exist.

This commit fixes libzeitgeist to properly support this, by changing
zeitgeist_log_get_events to return GenericArray<Event?>.