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c2168fc... by Henri Chain <email address hidden>

Add PartOf= to all systemd units

The `PartOf` directive sets up a one-way dependency between
graphical-session.target` and our services, so that when
graphical-session.target` is stopped or restarted, our services also get
stopped or restarted.

This ensures that gvfs daemons that were started in the context of a GUI
login session (through dbus activation) do not continue to run after the
user has logged out.

See `systemd.unit(5)` for more info.

3190305... by Henri Chain <email address hidden>

move systemd services to session slice

2726a43... by Payson Wallach <email address hidden>

Fix search_with_relevancies to call proxy with correct arguments

3bdcd24... by Oliver Sauder

Ensure releated data is removed when deleting events

702fdba... by Rico Tzschichholz

Sync custom g_assert_cmp* bindings with vala 0.52 and use them as needed

5d26650... by Rico Tzschichholz

Fix syntax of namespace documentation block

64ac3a6... by Rico Tzschichholz

Use GenericArray API only

c9c41bc... by Rico Tzschichholz

Release 1.0.3

3e79075... by Rico Tzschichholz

Update bugtracker links

e68d4b0... by crvi

test: fix ResourceWarning: unclosed file errors