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1f60ea7... by Seif Lotfy on 2012-06-20

Experiments with berkeley db instead of sqlite db

4ae76e0... by Seif Lotfy on 2012-06-19

Add comment on why we do not skip timestamp index anymore

2137aaf... by Seif Lotfy on 2012-06-19

Use timestamp index instead of skipping it

f7753df... by Seif Lotfy on 2012-06-18

Added a simple check to figure out whether to use event_view or event
table for querying.

77aa926... by Stefano Candori on 2012-05-15

Let's build Histogram extension

Signed-off-by: Seif Lotfy <email address hidden>

36985f8... by Seif Lotfy on 2012-06-14

Set Pragma setting synchronous to NORMAL

d91dd8b... by Seif Lotfy on 2012-06-02

Optimize the indexes by adding subj_interpretation to the end of subj_id

Signed-off-by: Seif Lotfy <email address hidden>

9aa0606... by Seif Lotfy on 2012-06-13

remove unexisting makefile check from configure.ac

1413ab0... by Siegfried Gevatter on 2012-06-05

Fix configure.ac

Accidentaly copied over some changes from the libzeitgeist2 branch.

9a6e8eb... by Marc-Antoine Perennou on 2012-06-05

Port to vala 0.16

Signed-off-by: Marc-Antoine Perennou <email address hidden>