Last commit made on 2012-08-27
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769a5e3... by Manish Sinha (मनीष सिन्हा)

Add test/data folder to final tarball

48afc4b... by Manish Sinha (मनीष सिन्हा)

Update NEWS for 0.9.5

710a1eb... by Manish Sinha (मनीष सिन्हा)

Changed source version from to 0.9.5

7538298... by Seif Lotfy

fixed broken direct test

a726bc2... by Siegfried Gevatter

generate_events.py: insert events in more of a sequential order

c67bd43... by Siegfried Gevatter

sql-schema.vala: move schema creation/deletion into separate methods

b409fd5... by Siegfried Gevatter

Add tools/run_fake_zeitgeist.sh

This script sets up a bus in a fake X server (Xvfb) and launches
a Zeitgeist instance (without datahub or FTS) into it.

It then spawns a terminal set up to interact with that instance.
When the terminal is closed (Ctrl+D), the Zeitgeist instance and
bus are terminated.

This is useful for quickly getting a temporary Zeitgeist instance
with a clean database, for testing purposes.

4d5bbf6... by Siegfried Gevatter

Update manpage (--log-file was missing)

3f1873b... by Siegfried Gevatter

Remove comment

(It was supposed to go into the commit message, so that people can
actually understand it).

4ae76e0... by Seif Lotfy

Add comment on why we do not skip timestamp index anymore