Last commit made on 2009-07-07
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4c72c83... by Siegfried Gevatter

Re-release 0.1.0 (we haven't announced the release yet so we are going to do evil stuff and replace the tarball - but hey, the fixes it includes are worth it).

26cc253... by Siegfried Gevatter

Remove GetLastTimestamp, use FindEvents instead.

ff073dd... by Siegfried Gevatter

Change the 'Bad find_events call' error message to raise an exception

a25abf8... by Siegfried Gevatter

Implement the '*not* bookmarked' filter and improve the test case for it.

d38e725... by Siegfried Gevatter

Fix CountEvents and add an additional test case to catch mistakes when counting for the 'items' mode. Thanks to Markus Korn for finding this problem.

ff656b4... by Siegfried Gevatter

Add an application filter and a test case for it.

0e27ef5... by Siegfried Gevatter

Rename text_uri and text_name filters to just uri and name.

4cc2183... by Siegfried Gevatter

Implement source filtering in FindEvents (and add a testcase for this).

cf91d8a... by Siegfried Gevatter

Fix CountEvents so that it doesn't crash if the result is 0.

69d8fed... by Siegfried Gevatter

Implement content filtering in FindEvents. Change all Source and Content definitions so that the URI is a unicode variable (else SQLite doesn't return the matches).