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TuXtremSplit Testing
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[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (8.4 KiB) Oneiric TuXtremSplit Testing
[FULLYBUILT] tuxtremsplit - 3.0.16-0~188~oneiric1 buildlog (12.5 KiB) i386
[FAILEDTOBUILD] Failed to build buildlog (7.4 KiB) Hardy TuXtremSplit Testing
[FAILEDTOUPLOAD] Could not be uploaded correctly buildlog (6.6 KiB) Natty TuXtremSplit Testing
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (8.0 KiB) Lucid TuXtremSplit Testing
[FULLYBUILT] tuxtremsplit - 3.0.16-0~188~lucid1 buildlog (12.2 KiB) i386
[FULLYBUILT] Successful build buildlog (8.0 KiB) Maverick TuXtremSplit Testing
[FULLYBUILT] tuxtremsplit - 3.0.16-0~188~maverick1 buildlog (12.2 KiB) i386

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# bzr-builder format 0.3 deb-version {debupstream}-0~{revno}