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0e31916... by Yannick Warnier on 2017-04-24

Reduce database usage of get_all_exercise_results_by_course() by removing query of which results are unused. In test case with 1000 students and 5M records in track_e_attempt, provides a performance gain of 29% for "My progress" page - refs BT#12663

6c4ebde... by Yannick Warnier on 2017-04-24

Reduce memory usage of get_all_exercise_results_by_course() by 60% - refs BT#12663

816a809... by gugli on 2016-12-27

Apply PHPMailer security fix see:

7e426ea... by gugli on 2016-12-22

exercise_attempt_hotspot don't set correct to zero

f25bdf0... by gugli on 2016-12-22

Don't set answer and score to 0 if attempted was reach.

9ef1716... by gugli on 2016-12-21

If folder exists then update it

5b9a6fa... by gugli on 2016-12-20

Setting cidReq _real_cid and id_session from parameter

c9bb525... by gugli on 2016-12-20

Merge branch '1.9.x' of into 1.9.x

d9ce3cd... by gugli on 2016-12-20

Fix wrong course code value in the database

c3c277b... by Angel Fernando Quiroz Campos on 2016-11-24

Add loader when statistic from session index page is loading - refs BT#11991