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17. By Yolanda Robla

added dep-3 headers in patch

16. By Yolanda Robla

debian/patches/force-java6-target.patch: fix lintian
warning for java bytecode

15. By Yolanda Robla

* Merge from Debian unstable.
* Dropped patches:
  - jgoodies-1.6-compat.patch: superseeded by new snapshot
* debian/patches/force-java6-target.patch: fix lintian warning for java bytecode
* Revert fix for java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError which was arch dependent
  while sikuli-ide is arch all /o\. By the way the corresponding bug
  (#714393) is now tagged wontfix since it's sun-java6 related.
* debian/control: fix VCS fields
* Add description for patch setTextAndMnemonic.patch
[tony mancill <email address hidden>]
* fix typo in d/control (Closes: #682011)
[Gilles Filippini <email address hidden>]
* new patch:
  + setTextAndMnemonic.patch: replace deprecated
    DefaultComponentFactory#setTextAndMnemonic with
    MnemonicUtils#configure (Closes: #711310)
* Updated patch:
  + executable-wrappers.patch: add /usr/lib/<multiarch-triplet>/jni to
    LD_LIBRARY_PATH (fix java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError for JXGrabKey)

14. By James Page

* Fix FTBFS with jgoodies >= 1.5:
  - d/control: BD on libjgoodies-common-java.
  - d/p/jgoodies-1.6-compat.patch: Compatibility patch which removes
    use of deprecated/removed methods and adds jgoodies-common to the
    build classpath.

13. By Gilles Filippini <email address hidden>

New patch no-opencv-surf-module.patch:
Remove unsused portions of source code with dependency on the opencv
SURF module which isn't shipped anymore starting with opencv 2.4
because of being non-free (Closes: #678230)

12. By Gilles Filippini <email address hidden>

* d/control: Depends: libopencv-dev to have OpenCVConfig.cmake (fix FTBFS)
* Fix patch executable-wrappers.patch:
  + Remove /usr/share/java/jna-posix.jar from the classpath so that it
    doesn't take precedence on /usr/share/java/jnr-posix.jar required
    by jython (Closes: #675160)
* d/README.Debian:
  + Add a note about Sun Java 6 and multiarch (workaround for
    java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError with java-6-sun)

11. By Gilles Filippini <email address hidden>

* New patch:
  + gcc-4.7.patch: Fix FTBFS with gcc-4.7 (Closes: #671990)

10. By Gilles Filippini <email address hidden>

* d/control:
  + sikuli-ide: Add missing dependency libswing-layout-java (fix
    ClassDefNotFound exception when opening the preferences dialog)
  + libsikuli-script-java: Add dependency tesseract-ocr-eng as a
    workaround for there is no way for the user to change the language
    setting for tesseract
  + Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3
* d/copyright: Update URL of the Machine-readable format specification
  version 1.0
* New patch:
  + tessdata.patch: Use the default path for tesseract data, overridable
    with the TESSDATA_PREFIX environment variable (Closes: #667513,
    LP: #976352, LP: #979524)

9. By Gilles Filippini <email address hidden>

* Merge with the feature/tesseract3 branch from upstream
* debian/control: Build-Depends: libtesseract-dev instead of
  deprecated tesseract-ocr-dev (Closes: #659598)
* The upstream source code repository moved to github

* New patch:
  + tess3.patch:
    - Fix build with tesseract3
    - use OCR strategie OEM_TESSERACT_ONLY for now. Upstream has
      reported a 4x slowdown when using OEM_TESSERACT_CUBE_COMBINED
* Patch fix-cmake-sikuli-ide.patch:
  + Add a DEP3 style description
* debian/copyright:
  + Update DEP5 Format URL
  + Bump copyright years

8. By Adrien Cunin

Rebuild for opencv 2.3 transition

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