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19e0919... by Robert Caulk on 2019-08-23

Delete useless partialSatEngTest.py

9eeefbc... by Robert Caulk on 2019-08-22

visualization and auto sphere inscription for partialsatengine

7e23742... by Robert Caulk on 2019-05-20

collapsing new commits to ease rebase

ddfa2d9... by Robert Caulk on 2019-04-10

start particle swelling addition

5467c3a... by Robert Caulk on 2019-04-09

continued structural fixes

d25597f... by Robert Caulk on 2019-04-08

testing partialsatengine solver

d5d30a3... by Robert Caulk on 2019-03-29

compilable partial sat solver+engine scaffolding

875189b... by William Chevremont on 2019-08-14

Fix warning

7cddb8b... by Robert Caulk on 2019-08-22

add DEM8 papers to yade-conferences.rst

6cec89c... by Bruno Chareyre on 2019-08-10

remove unused #include