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e1a6f1d... by Bruno Chareyre on 2019-08-07

refactored filling of Tesselation::vertexHandles, fixing TesselationWrapper bug resulting from fa1c3c4dee638ff29cc

fa1c3c4... by Bruno Chareyre on 2019-08-03

set size of cellHandles accurately instead of a hardcoded max size

681f13a... by Bruno Chareyre on 2019-08-01

two smallfix's in documentation

0fe037b... by Janek Kozicki on 2019-07-29

Fix https://gitlab.com/yade-dev/trunk/issues/102

863590f... by Janek Kozicki on 2019-07-31

Some final touches in the yade.log documentation

5c890a1... by Janek Kozicki on 2019-07-31

Small improvements in documentation.

86b9540... by Janek Kozicki on 2019-07-31

Update comments & docs in places where recommended is MAX_LOG_LEVEL<=5 for production builds

ddc7e0b... by Janek Kozicki on 2019-07-30

Add some comments.

a00e07a... by Janek Kozicki on 2019-07-30

Remove the (empty) performance table for now. I might become useful later.

526c5c9... by Janek Kozicki on 2019-07-30

Add commented out section about measuring performance effect of MAX_LOG_LEVEL. When macros are more widely used it will be possible to measure the effect. Right now it is impossible to measure