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d1b8bb9... by Anton Gladky on 2018-02-20

Update changelog

51e6671... by Anton Gladky on 2018-02-20

Add RELEASE file

6d498e0... by Jérôme Duriez on 2018-02-20

Doc: other typos in Programmer s manual

4af965b... by Jérôme Duriez on 2018-02-20

Doc: typo in Programmer s manual

dff52bc... by Anton Gladky on 2018-02-19

Simplify and fix the checkPolyhedraCrush

26e3f54... by Jérôme Duriez on 2018-02-19

Doc: precising IPhysFunctor docstring

61f0adf... by Jérôme Duriez on 2018-02-19

Doc: typo (missing parenthesis) in Ig2_Sphere_Sphere_ScGeom

b8cd199... by Robert Caulk on 2018-02-16

Add support for older versions of SuiteSparse

f9cac61... by Robert Caulk on 2018-02-13

Fix DEM-PFV-check.py failure. Enable CPU usage of direct cholmod solver (useSolver=4)

e6a376f... by Janek Kozicki on 2018-02-11

Initial fix for cgal 4.11. There are some things still to check:

1. whether the added #ifdefs in lib/triangulation/RegularTriangulation.h
are necessary

2. if adding #define DECLARE_TESSELATION_TYPES and #ifdef ALPHASHAPES
lib/triangulation/Tesselation.h is necessary and correct. I added this
because it wasn't compiling without #define ALPHASHAPES.

3. what is wrong with checkPolyhedraCrush.py : the same yade code is
compiling both with CGAL 4.9 and 4.11. But checkPolyhedraCrush.py
finishes tests only in CGAL 4.9, while in CGAL 4.11 it just hangs

Also: this initial commit for cgal 4.11 stuff is just my patch which
I created for yade2017.01a, but I applied it here to 2018.02a after
some rudimentary checks.