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d75e86d... by Anton Gladky on 2017-01-19

Update changelog.

f63b624... by Anton Gladky on 2017-01-19

Add RELEASE file.

e815aca... by Anton Gladky on 2017-01-19

Add missing header include <csignal>


ea289fa... by Anton Gladky on 2017-01-16

Update distro names in documentation

0fe5815... by Bruno Chareyre on 2017-01-10

Yade bibtex: "and others" invalid for less than 9 authors

8801250... by raphm1 <email address hidden> on 2017-01-04

ViscoelasticPM : fix resolution problem in find_cn_from_en function
Change the value of the initial perturbation for the resolution of the equation to obtain the damping from the restitution coefficient. Allows for a much wider range of resolution in terms of mass, stiffness and restitution coefficient.
Put a limiter to avoid division by zero and force the loop to print the warning message if "error" goes to nan (no warning in these cases previously)

54c46f3... by Bruno Chareyre on 2016-12-20

2PFLOW engine: remove useless int from getInterfaces()'s parameters

a84bc08... by Bruno Chareyre on 2016-12-19

further improvement of the cluster labeling in multiphase model

090b25c... by Anton Gladky on 2016-12-10

Fix yade with IPython5.

7671fdc... by Anton Gladky on 2016-12-03

Add -fext-numeric-literals to fix FTBFS against boost_1.62

Debian bug #845742: https://bugs.debian.org/845742