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3523c61... by Anton Gladky on 2015-04-21

Add RELEASE file, up update Changelog.

7832087... by Bruno Chareyre on 2015-04-15

Update introduction.rst

f3818b4... by Anton Gladky on 2015-04-08

Add one more master thesis.

799b1b5... by Anton Gladky on 2015-04-02

Add an option coordNumber to be exported in VTK.

a5eec8b... by Jérôme Duriez on 2015-03-26

Minor fix of previous commit (hyperlink)

a2f4467... by Jérôme Duriez on 2015-03-26

Typo in ScGeom, precision about twist doc (axis) in ScGeom6D

61ed4d4... by Chao Yuan on 2015-03-26

Fix error in computing cell->info.solidLine

a077276... by Chao Yuan on 2015-03-26

Add some comments on FlowEngine(by bruno).

8dc8ac8... by Chao Yuan on 2015-03-23

fix inconsistency of side boundary cell pressure of closeBC drainage.

16ecad0... by Jérôme Duriez on 2015-03-17

Parallelization of one loop of Law2_ScGeom_CapillaryPhys_Capillarity (see http://<email address hidden>/msg11238.html) and some comments