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c049d71... by Anton Gladky on 2014-08-30

Add RELEASE file.

9030dc1... by Dominik Boemer on 2014-08-27

Add check-script for ViscoElasticPM.

b192314... by Anton Gladky on 2014-08-26

Fix ViscElPM one more time.

Thanks again to Dominik Boemer.
http://<email address hidden>/msg08778.html

6296528... by Anton Gladky on 2014-08-25

Fix cs calculation in ViscoelasticPM

It seems to be an error in [Pournin2001] (22) Eq.4, missing factor 2
Thanks to Dominik Boemer for pointing this out
http://<email address hidden>/msg08741.html

1ba99cd... by Anton Gladky on 2014-08-25

Fix calculation of massR in ViscoelasticPM

Thanks to Dominik Boemer for pointing this out.
http://<email address hidden>/msg08741.html

abc99d5... by Jan Stránský on 2014-08-21

fixed typo in utils.polyhedron function

b946ee5... by Jérôme Duriez on 2014-08-21

Removal of very last wiki-link github-related in rst files

45d00ba... by Jérôme Duriez on 2014-08-20

Anecdotic commit to keep a track (in code comment) of a useful link for JCFpm paraview analysis

cd4ec39... by Raphael Maurin <email address hidden> on 2014-08-19

New force engine to couple Yade with a 1D RANS code.
Add a new force engine applying the main hydrodynamical forces in function of a 1D average fluid velocity vector which depends only on the depth.
The engine is calculating at each time step the drag, lift and buoyant forces for each particle.
Complete the references for the documentation associated to the engine.

ef3f87f... by Anton Gladky on 2014-08-18

Fix crash after removal of the whole clump.

This is one more fix for LP:1354433.
Added regression test to checkClumpHopper.

Thanks to Medack for pointing this out.