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9a8b53f... by Anton Gladky on 2013-10-28

Add RELEASE file.

4c8e775... by Anton Gladky on 2013-10-28

Update changelog.

58124e0... by Anton Gladky on 2013-10-28

Replace all libboost-*-dev by libboost-all-dev.

ffdc9e4... by Donia <donia.marzougui@3sr-grenoble.fr> on 2013-10-24

get the shear and normal viscous stress in each interaction.

c8247e0... by Donia <donia.marzougui@3sr-grenoble.fr> on 2013-10-24

Save the interactions only between spheres into a vector.

2cca33e... by Anton Gladky on 2013-10-25

Remove stable-PPA reference from documentation.

4546fd9... by Anton Gladky on 2013-10-23

Fix compilation.

f8c8a48... by Anton Gladky on 2013-10-22

Split Shop.cpp on Shop_01.cpp and Shop_02.cpp

731866a... by Donia <donia.marzougui@3sr-grenoble.fr> on 2013-10-22

Compute edgesSurfaces if viscousShear is true.

8092cd4... by Donia <donia.marzougui@3sr-grenoble.fr> on 2013-10-21

Save the relative velocities of particles.